Monday, June 18, 2007

yay me! :o)

I’m pretty proud of myself. I was really good on Saturday at the family reunion - the only non-Core thing I ate was a tiny tiny slice of key lime pie and a tiny tiny slice of chocolate pie. They were itty bitty, but I just couldn’t pass them up. (note: last year’s reunion included me eating as much of whatever I wanted, so this is a big change) I made Penne Bake and Tomato Pie, and they were both really yum.
Sunday we ran around to see all of the dad’s, and we had dinner at my mom’s house. She made this yummy stir fry using that broccoli coleslaw stuff and I skipped everything else except the asparagus and banana bread. No, banana bread is not Core, but I had to have some. But I skipped the cream cheese. All in all it amounts to a victory, I think. I like that I’m learning (at least I think I am) to eat healthy choices while at family functions, but to allow myself a little desert so I don’t feel like such a martyr. Besides, the desert is the best part, right?
I also managed to exercise twice this weekend: car washing and swimming. All in all it was a great and busy past two days. The scale still isn’t budging, but we’ll get the official verdict tonight at WI. If I don’t lose, I know it’ll be a direct reflection of what I did or didn’t eat this past week. I went a little overboard last Tuesday night, but have tried to do damage control all week. However, I realized this morning that I haven’t been getting enough dairy or water - so that really could be the culprit. We’ll see. I’m not letting it get me down. I feel good and I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in forever. I think I just got into the “wanna lose weight fast” mode with this wedding coming up, and we all know that the slower the better, right?
Have a great OP day and wish me luck tonight!

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