Thursday, June 14, 2007

my husband is a brave brave man

I think that I’ve offhandedly mentioned before that my normally very intelligent husband has taken to supporting my weight-loss efforts by taking food away from me. Example: if we go out to eat and he orders French Fries then he’ll smack my hand if I try to reach for one. This is a semi-new habit of his, and I must admit it burns me.
I got in his car last night to go to church and there was a bag of gummy cherry thingies, and I reached into the bag to get one, and he took the bag away from me, prying the gummy out of my hand. He said, “You don’t have the points” and I said, “Yes I do.” and he said, “You ate a lot last night at the woman’s picnic, you don’t want to eat these.”
Now, I love the fact that he’s holding me accountable. It’s hard to hear, and I don’t like it (especially last week while I was on TOM and HE MADE BROWNIES FOR HIMSELF!!) but I appreciate the fact that he’s willing to risk ticking me off to help me stay OP. But come on! If he wasn’t eating so much crap, I wouldn’t be tempted by it. Then he said something like, “If I’m going to pay $40 a month for this, you’re going to stay On Program”. I think he was kidding. He better have been.
Like I said, my husband is a brave brave man. But what kinda bothers me is that my mom was like that when I was a little girl. She’d tell me that I didn’t need to eat something because she didn’t want me to get heavier. So things like ice cream and cookies were often totally off limits. So I began to sneak foods up to my room and eat at night. I really think this is what started my inappropriate relationship with food. I don’t want to start sneaking food in my own house.
Honestly - what do ya’ll think? Maybe I should talk to Jeremy and let him know that I’m scared of having a food sneaking relapse. It’s really hard for me to accept his “help” for what it is rather than thinking, “You hypocrite!”.
In other news, I stayed OP yesterday and only used 3 flexies (thanks to Jeremy!) When we got home from church we got in the pool and I worked out. Working out in the pool is so much fun because it doesn’t feel like work!

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