Wednesday, June 20, 2007

playing dress up

I did pretty well at following the mission statement yesterday. I drank more water and I made healthy food choices. I even managed to get my house out of CHOAS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). When I kicked back to watch The Wonder Years (my nightly addiction) I was completely relaxed and guilt-free. It was great. I even managed to only eat three times yesterday - not that there’s anything wrong with a snack if you need it. I just wasn’t hungry the rest of the night.
My Kelley is a really good photographer, and she wants to take pictures of Jeremy and I at a new spot she has found. She said that she thinks that I should wear a sundress, but the only “sundress” I own is my Senior Class Day dress my mom made for me over six years ago. I tried it on last night, and it almost fit! It was a little tight around the tummy, and really looked ridiculously too young, but I was excited that I could wear it in another five pounds or so. (although it’ll probably stay in the closet forever) While I was at it, I also tried on my Junior Prom dress, which didn’t look too hot but I could put it on. I know it’s silly, but I’m glad to see that I’m at least getting close to the size that I was back in high school.
That’s it for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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