Thursday, March 27, 2008

18 weeks!

So, you asked for it, and I've finally found the Internet speed to do it, so here they are - the pregnancy photos. This first one is of me on Christmas Eve. I'm 4 weeks pregnant and totally unaware that there's two boogers in there. The second one is a totally unflattering picture of me at 9 weeks. I'm already in maternity pants here and showing. I think you can tell that I'm not feeling too hot, but the yellow background wasn't very good for my complection either. Okay, so the more pictures I add, the more it messes up the order, but I'm sure you can figure out which one is which. The last picture is me at 14 weeks. (I think the caption says 12 but it's wrong) My eyes are closed and my butt looks huge. I'm hoping that tomorrow's progress pictures turn out better. My Kelley took pictures of me and my skinny little preggo SIL, and I dread seeing those comparisons, too. :o)

I went to the OB today and had a good check-up. I got to see the babies and they're doing well. They're kicking like crazy and I love to feel them. I'm told that eventually they'll be big enough that I won't love them keeping me awake, but I'm enjoying it while I can.

We find out a week from today what they are! Yeah!

I promise I'll check back in ASAP and let you know what we find out!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 16 (or is it 17?)

I have no idea what week I'm in, because I have no idea when my due date is. You'd think that I would know, right? You'd think that my doctor would have told me by now what the for sure date is. But she hasn't. I've been told anywhere from August 24th to September 1st, so I really don't know how far along I am. It technically doesn't matter because it's not like they're going to induce me just because I hit that magic 40 weeks (unless they need to induce me). We should find out the for sure date on our next super cool ultrasound which is on April 3rd. They're looking at the twins structures (hearts, bones, etc) and I'm sure we'll find out what we're having then. (I just hope they're human!)

Everything else is going fabulously wonderful. I feel like me again, and I didn't really how unlike myself I was acting until I started acting normal again. I have plenty of energy - most of the time - and as long as I rest when my body tells me to I can typically do whatever I want. (not including climbing. It's really hard for a shorty like me to go through life without climbing. I caught myself climbing on top of the washing machine earlier today and thought, "Oops! I'm going to get into trouble!")

I'm huge, though. Like, bigger than any of the other pregnant women I know (except for Amanda!) and two of them are due in May! I read somewhere that a twin mommy looks like she's full term at 5 months, and since I'm somewhere above 4 months I guess it makes sense that I'm really pregnant. I'm loving my belly, though. It's just hard to find maternity clothes around here that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm going to have to go shopping when I visit North Alabama again. I'll be wearing moo-moo's before this pregnancy is over! (oh, I hope I'm just kidding!)

I feel the need to accomplish EVERYTHING while I feel like doing stuff. I was going crazy trying to figure out what I was going to register for, and what I needed two of, and what I didn't need at all, and whatever else, and then my Kelley told me to register for what I wanted, and if it was a big something (bouncy seat or swing or whatever) to keep the receipt and if one of the babies doesn't like it then I can take it back. Makes sense to me. I just had this mental image of me holding two screaming babies and not being able to decide who got to sit in the magical bouncy seat that I only had one of because I didn't know if they'd both like it and I didn't want to be wasteful. Is this normal new mom stuff or is it Mandy psychosis? It's hard to tell.

I've been having some CRAZY dreams lately, and I'm really enjoying them now. At first they were scary, but now they're hilarious. Like last night, I had three of them. The first one I dreamt that Jeremy was counseling a couple who couldn't get pregnant for some unknown reason, just to find out that the wife used to be a man. The second I dreamt that I kept my son in a box at the church (I had to wait a few weeks to deliver the second twin for some reason) and it was completely normal for me to keep my child in a box in a separate building. And then I dreamt that I wanted to dry my non-existant dog so I put it in the microwave. (Don't worry - the dog was fine) But can you believe? What would make me dream that? I read on Amanda's blog that when you dream the sex of your child that it's typically accurate. I always dream that I have a boy and a girl. Always. I so hope that's what's in there, but if not then I'll really be just as happy. But I'll eventually want a little girl, I think. (That is if having two babies at once doesn't scare us so bad that we won't want another pregnancy!)

I'm trying to wait to go back to the house until the ADT man leaves, but I'm STARVING, so I don't think that I'll make it. :o)

Happy St. Patty's day, ya'll! Throw back a beer for me, okay? (I'd LOVE to have one!) ;o)