Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coming soon to a nursery near you...

(well, probably not near you, but...)

Joel Osburn and William Conrad!

Yep. That's right. I've got two boys growing inside of me. I never dreamt that it would be two boys, but Jeremy has been saying that all along. I guess that explains all the extra hair on my back and belly, huh? :o) (I wish I was kidding! At least it's peach fuzz'ish)

I couldn't be more excited about my boys. We're calling them Oz and Conner and I know that Oz is on my right and will probably be born first and Conner is on my left. Oz is my wild child and Conner is the complacent one. Well, that's how I think of them in my head based on their kicks.

Everyone is doing really well and the specialist said that he didn't expect to have to see me again. Yay!

I've managed to pick up a cold or something. Leave it to me to wait until April to get sick, huh? I'm doing okay and have OTC drugs that I can take, but I'm ready to be well again. At least my throat is not as sore today.

I leave for North Alabama tomorrow and will be spending the next few days up there sans hub. I'm going to miss him like crazy, but I'm really looking forward to spending so much time in my hometown and I'm totally not letting a little cold stop me. I've been trying to take it easy so that I'll get better faster.

I've been tearing up the pavement trying to find the fabric that I want to use in the nursery. I've already decided that it's going to be some sort of variation of the blues and browns, and oddly enough I'm having a hard time finding something in that genre. There's not a lot of fabric stores down here, so on Friday my mom and I are going to look in Huntsville at all of her favorite haunts. (She's sewing all the nursery stuff)

Then on Saturday my little sister and my Kelley and I are going shopping for my shower dress! I'm a little nervous about buying it a month in advanced, but what sane pregnant girl is going to turn down someone wanting to buy her a dress at Motherhood Maternity? I can wear it before the shower down here and if I outgrow it I'll find something else to wear.

Then on Sunday is my little SIL's baby shower for her son, Eli. It's going to be a long weekend full of babies, excluding Thursday afternoon when I'm bound and determined to visit my favorite Mexican resturant. (I'll be thinkin of you Amanda!) :o)

Obviously I'm excited. Can you tell that I've yet to speak to anyone face to face today? :o)

I'm sure I'll check in on ya'll when I get to my Dad and Kelley's and maybe I'll even be able to do some catch up on your blogs!

Love ya bunches!