Wednesday, June 13, 2007

freshy-fresh start

Thank ya’ll so much for all of the comments about spray tanning and maintaining. You’re so sweet! :o)
Yesterday afternoon I was invited to our church’s woman’s meeting/picnic, so I went after work armed with store bought cake and Milo’s Splenda Sweet Tea. (I brought the only store bought item, by the way) I didn’t have time to plan a healthy dish to bring, and once I got there I ate with little abandon. All of the ladies had fixed their very best dish (ie: extra butter, extra fat, etc) and I was starving, so I ate like a normal person. I didn’t really over eat too much because I looked around and noticed that no one else was still eating so I stopped! Saved by the southern belles! :o)
I have no idea how many points I had last night, but today is the beginning of my WW week, so I’m starting fresh. I have a family reunion this Saturday that I’m absolutely dreading because they’ll be so many yummy things there. I think I’m going to find a really good Core dish to bring and munch on the veggie/fruit tray that’s always there and then I might let myself try a small piece of one dessert. That way I won’t feel like too much of a martyr. :o)
Ya’ll have a great OP day!

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