Monday, June 11, 2007

thank goodness it's monday (what?)

I’m actually glad it’s Monday. It was a stressful weekend, and a major issue couldn’t be resolved until this morning. Actually, it’s still not resolved, but hopefully it will be soon. *rolls eyes* I need a vacation. :o)
I went to David’s Bridal yesterday to get my dress. I ended up getting the 16 because no matter what size I bought it would have needed to be altered and this way they’ll have more altering options. I wasn’t exactly feeling confident that I could lose enough in 6 weeks to fit into a smaller size. Maybe it was because of the stressful weekend, or because of TOM, or because the bride and the bridal consultant are stressed out enough without worrying about a bridesmaid not fitting into a dress. But, the decision’s made now and maybe they’ll just have to alter the heck out of it.
I tried on several of the dresses that was tea-length and came in Cyrena’s Canary yellow, but my original halter was my favorite, so I went with that. It was the cheapest, too. You know I love that. I think I’m the only one with that dress, so at least there won’t be some skinny girl (ie: my little sister) up there for people to compare how different the dresses look. That’s the way my mind works. :o)
I’ve gotta admit - I’ve stepped on the scale twice since I said I wouldn’t until tonight. I really was just curious because I feel really big this week. I’m sure it’s just feeling bloated and hormones because I hadn’t gained any, but I don’t expect a huge loss tonight. Just in case I wore really light clothes today. ;o)
I’m hoping tomorrow’s blog will be a little more upbeat. I just feel sorta blah. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I got up extra early this morning to send the kids off to camp before work. I’m going to bed extra early today, and by Tuesday morning
I just got a call from Jeremy. He said that the issue was resolved before he could walk in the bank to see what was going on.
God Is Good!! :o)

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