Wednesday, June 6, 2007

the lobster syndrome*

I have what has not been medically diagnosed as the lobster syndrome. It’s not life-threatening, but it can cause discomfort. Here are my symptoms: I blush easily, and when it is pointed out the I’m blushing I proceed to a blush so intense that my entire body turns bright red. Anytime I exercise, no matter my fitness level, I turn a nice shade of lipstick red. I sunburn extremely easily, obviously, and if I’m in deep thought I become flushed. :o)
Despite my LS I have decided to start walking on my lunch break. I have an hour that is usually wasted on window shopping and the occasional errand, so I figure why not spend it getting some exercise? Granted I’ll come back to work looking like I’ve ran a 5K, and my coworkers will probably express concern for me for the first few weeks, but it’s all gravy. I’d rather be lobster faced than busting out of a yellow halter tea-length bridesmaid dress in front of no telling how many people. (yes, I’ve thought of the fact that I’m likely to go lobster faced while in said yellow dress in front of everyone. I’m just hoping I don’t do something to embarrass myself)
So, with much anticipation and a little apprehension, I will walk today during lunch. I’ve brought a change of clothes, my walkin shoes, and my knock off ipod. It should be good times. :o)
I’m going to try to let ya’ll know after lunch how it goes.
I had a pretty good Core day yesterday. I was really craving some comfort food last night, so after much deliberation my hubby and I decided to make pork chops with mashed taters and peas. All Core. (except the margarine I put in the taters - I need to buy some Core friendly stuff soon) It was delicious and pretty healthy, but I overate. That’s one of the hardest parts of Core. You can eat just until satisfied. But I was needing some comfort and I had the mindset of “at least I didn’t go get Chicken Fingers and French Fries” so I kind of lost it for a while there. Then later on, my hubby was going for a snack, so I wanted to eat to (why?) so I fixed another little helping of mashed potatoes. I had most of it eaten before I realized that I broke another Core rule - only one serving of potatoes or pasta a day. Shoot. I didn’t mean to, I just sort of did it without thinking. (Roni’s blog hit home today) But that was yesterday and today is today and maybe I’ve been reminded to THINK before I eat. :o)
*the lobster syndrome is a “condition” that I totally made up and should not be confused with any actual medical condition. :o)

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