Monday, December 3, 2007

warm fuzzies

Well, the good news is that the previous posting of 197.6 was some sort of water retention fluke. I weighed myself Sunday morning and it was closer to 193. It's not great, but it's better. I had a great OP day on Friday - lots of water and healthy foods, but the rest of the weekend wasn't as healthy. And I drank next to no water. I feel so dry that I could crumble up and blow away. I don't know why it's so hard to drink my water while at home. It's something I've gotta figure out before the move - there won't be any water coolers for this future house wife. (That's still blowing my mind.)

Thanks so much for all of the sweet & encouraging comments. Unfortunately my hub is a little weird about the crock pot. It's all good unless I want to leave the house with it on. (I know - that's the point, right?) I think he's afraid that it'll burn the house down. He's going to have to get over that, but until then it's not an option. The salads and Lean Cuisines are, though. I'll figure it out. At least during the work week I can have super healthy meals. My skinny coworker and I have taken to eating lunch together and we hold each other accountable. (Which means I don't pig out in front of her!) :o)

I have to tell you the sweetest thing. Jeremy has gotten bitten by the baby bug. There's this little girl at our church who is 6 months now, and he is absolutely crazy about her. He's constantly holding her and kissing her fuzzy little head. And then every time we come home from church he asks, "Can we have a baby NOW?" and I'm like, "umm, honey, that's what we're trying to accomplish here" and he says "No, NOW." lol. It's so cute and makes me so glad that we decided to wait until we knew that we could handle a baby. It makes my heart melt to see him so excited about it.

I don't think I've told ya'll yet that my little brother and his wife are expecting a baby in July. Yep. The one that was just married in September. It totally freaked me out and upset me that my brother who is five years younger than I am would have a child older than mine, but I'm okay with it all now. I know it's incredibly selfish sounding but I had a hard time with it for a while there. Now I'm pushing for them to name my new niece or nephew after me. :o)

Well, I hope you all have fabulous OP days!!

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Amanda said...

How sweet of Jeremy! My DH got bit by the baby bug before I did the first time around. It was so cute to hear him talk about how badly he wanted kids and couldn't wait for me to be pregnant.

And congrats on the loss...even if it was water retention. A loss is a loss! :)