Monday, December 17, 2007

they so don't know what they're getting themselves into...

The weekend was fabulous. We got our U-Haul's load of boxes down there safely, and our precious new parishioners helped us unload the truck. They're all so excited for us to be there permanently. It's so humbling.

Each time I look at the parsonage I see something else that I absolutely love. Aside from the curtains (which I hope wont hurt any feelings when I remove them) and a room with yellow walls that doesn't match my decor it's absolutely perfect. I can't wait to live there. :o)

We arrived at the church at around 11:00 on Friday night and the sky was just gorgeous. It was an amazingly clear night and I could make out so many constellations. And we even saw a meteor shower. It was like God's Welcome Home gift.

I only have three more days here at work. It's really crazy how fast the time has gone by. I'm so ready for it, but also a little nervous. I guess that's natural.

I felt a little skinny this morning, so I wanted to weight myself but realized that Jeremy had already packed my scale. Oh darn. Christmas without a scale. How ever will I manage? ;o)

I've been having really bad heartburn the past few days so I'm really trying to watch what I eat. I keep thinking "Maybe You're Knocked Up!!" but I'm so trying not to get my hopes up. I did eat an awful lot of spicy stuff the last few days. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.

Oh, and I have to tell you this. The people of Union have started calling me "The First Lady". How precious is that? It's so much more elegant than "the Preacher's Wife", isn't it? And, since I'm the most elegant person you will ever hope to meet, it's definitely fitting. I really think I need some big thick pearls, don't you? And maybe a hat with flowers? And definitely a rose colored suit (with a skirt that comes past my knees, of course) and some support hose that are three shades darker than my natural pastey complexion (aka - everyone else's skin tone) and some really good quality orthopedic pumps. Then I'll be set.

At least I can still wear my broach collection.
(yes, I really do have a broach collection. I love them more than words can say. But if I were to try to use words to say it they would be something like, "I really love them".)

I hope ya'll have fabulously OP days!!


Amanda said...

You truly are a pastor's wife...broach collection and all! LOL!!!

I love "the first lady"! how awesome is that?!?!

Soooo glad you had a good weekend and you are going to love where you are going. You know god had his hand in this the entire time!!!

Amanda said...

Oh and did you post a comment to my blog with your real first name?? I can't figure out who it is and you are the only I can think of!

Candace said...

Thanks for the link tip - it worked. I'm so happy for you and Jeremy. It'll be so much fun getting all settled into a new house.

Kendra said...

Glad you had a safe trip.

My pastor mentioned those meteor showers last week and guess I missed it. Darn it! Ahh well.

I also wanted to add, not to give you false hope, but I had heartburn with my daughter from the day she was conceived until I had her. Crossing my fingers and toes for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic!! I'm excited for you guys! The pg thing will happen at the perfect time for you guys, whether that is now or a little bit down the road. Merry Christmas!!


PS: Like Kendra said, I had heartburn so bad when I was pg with my DD that I knew I was pg before I took the test solely because of it!

MMalloy said...

This is the first you have mentioned of this broach collection! I love it!

Congrats again and again to The First Lady!!! Your new home sounds wonderful and I am so glad the weekend went as planned!!!