Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just checking in...

I just wanted to post a quickie (hee!) this morning. We're interviewing replacements for me all day today and tomorrow, so I have a ton to do. I just wanted to say, "Yay! The scale is going down!!" It was somewhere around 191.4 this morning. The only thing that I've successfully changed is my breakfast and lunch routine (and no 3 pm cocoa...), and I'm not doing the best that I can in the evenings, but for now it's enough of a change to help.

Last night I was daydreaming about taking morning walks when I no longer have to slap on trousers and heels every day. That right - me wanting to exercise. It was a disturbing thought! :o)

Have a Wonderful OP Day!!


Amanda said...

That is a disturbing thought! Are you sure you are feeling okay?!?

Again...I am so jealous! You will do great in the housewife role!

And glad the scale is moving DOWN! WOO HOO!!!

MMalloy said...

Yay for the scale moving down!!! That is awesome!

You are going to be a fantastic SAHM!

Swizzlepop said...

YAY for the scale going down! Keep it up, if just a minor change does that imaging what a bigger change will bring. :) Hope you can get back into your routine soon.