Thursday, December 20, 2007

oh wow

oh wow.

guess what?

I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it came out positive.

So I took another one - different brand and everything - and that one was positive, too.

I'm Pregnant!

It's really not quite sunk in yet. I haven't started having crazy symptoms or throwing the crockery at my husband. I just didn't start my period on time so I thought I'd take a test.
So I did. :o)

I'm in the fourth week, but I'm only two weeks along. That doesn't quite make sense to me. I'm going to do some major studying today. Either way - the baby is due at the end of August. It's gonna be one hot summer!

We're obviously really excited. We told my MIL last night and she went ape. I'm telling my family at Christmas. I'm going to make them open a gift with some sort of clue in it, or something like that. My brain is mush. I don't quite have it figured out yet.

But can you believe it? I so can't. Don't get me wrong - I'm perfectly content to not be throwing up, but I just feel much more normal than I thought that I would. Hmmmm.

Well, I'm off to compulsively track down pregnancy info. :o)

Hope you have fabulously OP days!

PS: I don't think any of you do, but if you know me IRL, PLEASE keep this quiet until my mom is told (on Sunday). She would be so hurt if she found out someone knew before she did! Thanks!


MMalloy said...

AHHHH!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so excited!!!

Amanda said...




How WONDERFUL for you!!!! Now that didn't take long, did it?!?!

When they say you are 4 weeks along, that's what the doctor's go by in determining your due date and weekly visits, etc... It makes no sense b/c 4 weeks ago you were probably on your period, but that's how they do it.

Want some good baby sites?, --those are the 2 I visit the most. I HIGHLY recommend the book "your pregnancy week by week". What to expect when you are expecting is good, but for a first timer it can really freak you out (it did me!). This time around I have used it to reference symptoms I've had (the back pain, indigestion, etc..

I am so freaking excited for you! I bet Jeremy about fell over when you took that test. I'll never forget DH reaction to our first pregnancy test--he had tears in his eyes! I've never seen him with tears. This time...not so much b/c he was too shocked. ;)

What an awesome Christmas present for you and your family. And you get to be pregnant at the same time as your SIL! That's awesome!!!

I'm rambling, I'll stop, but CONGRATS again!!!

Colette said...

ROTFLMAO @ Amanda!!! I don't know who is more excited you or Amanda!!! LOL

Mandy I can not tell you how happy I am for you!! When I read your post I got goosebumps and just wanted to bawl!! I know you and Jermey are so excited and I too can't think of a more fitting "gift" from God for you guys!! Your going to make one terrific mother and I can't wait!! I hope its a girl!! I really do...then you can pass on your crazy obsession for " tacky sweaters" to her..LOL Awwww I bet a girl with your red hair would be beautiful!! Wooohoooo!! I am EXSTATIC for you guys!!!!
Oh....and I promise NOT to tell mom..ok?
Love ya girl!!

noelle said...

YAY!!! COngrats to you. You'll feel pretty normal for another week or two then you'll really start feeling it. and some of the biggest symptoms are breast changes and fatigue. You are growing a new organ to feed that little bean so it takes a lot out of you.

My favorite pg book is Fearless Pregnancy. Written by a mom, a midwife and an OB. LOVE THAT ONE!

I'll be praying for you and Jeremy. I know how consuming a new church can be. And a new pregnancy is equally consuming. prayers for you and hubby as you juggle all that.

OH...and I wanted to tell you that the heartburn totally gave it away to me that you were pg!!! I knew you were when I read that!

CONGRATS!!! and you can always give them a card that says like Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa from ???

Melanie said...


Steph said...

OMG - WOOHOO!!! Congratulations to you and hubby! I am so excited for you guys - please don't torture us like Amanda does and keep your babies sex a secret - hehe!!

Hugs to you all and Merry Christmas - just think, this time next year you'll be holding that bundle of joy!

Swizzlepop said...

OMG how exciting! Guess when it's meant to be it's really meant to be! I think somehow you knew it was time when you went off BCP. I am so happy for you I almost screamed but then remembered I'm at work and people may ask questions LOL.
Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and I hope you'll still post and keep us up to date on how it's all going. What a great Christmas present!
(((HUG))) that's me giving you a happy hug!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! WHAT A GREAT GIFT!!! Congrats on your pregnancy...I bet your family will be sooooo excited.

And can I also ask "what's in the water there?" It didn't take long did it? ha ha...

Best wishes for a healthy new baby!!!

Kendra said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!

WeightBGone said...

That is WONDERFUL news and I am so excited for you. What a beautiful miracle God has blessed you with and he couldnt of picked better parents for one of his little angels. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Tina said...

WOWSERWOWOWOWOWOW!!! That is so awesome. My mom found out she was gonna be a grandma last Christmas when my brother and sil gave her a bib that said "Merry Christmas Grandma" on it.. or something along those lines. :)) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Merry Christmas!

tallmama said...

Congrats! This is so exciting. I be you guys had such a wonderful Christmas with this news and telling all your family. I am so happy for you! Congratulations again, here's to a happy healthy 9m!

Anonymous said...


KimLookAlike said...

...And THIS is the reason I need to keep up on my blogging friends! I am SO EXCITED for you... This is amazing and blessed news. I totally had tears and almost lost it when I read your news. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jeremy. Also, I am so glad to hear that your FIL is doing better.
Another 2008 goal for me: catch up on the blogs! :-)
PS: you made my cool things I learned from others post today - it is not up yet, but it will be soon!