Friday, December 21, 2007


You know what I just realized? My "I'm Pregnant" post was my 100th. That's kinda cool, isn't it? :o)

I started "feeling pregnant" yesterday. I don't quite know how to describe it. It's kind of like a little bit of nausea mixed with excitement. It's slowly sinking in. Just as soon as I think I've mentally mastered it I realize that in nine months I'm going to be a mommy and it all just blows me away again. It's wonderfully enchanting.

And I'm scared to tell my mom. It's like I'm 16 or something.

Because we're moving and our insurance is changing we've elected to wait to go to the doctor until we get to Auburn. Which means I'll have to pick my OBGYN based on recommendations. Fortunately, one of my best friend's sister lived there for a while. Hopefully she has one that she loves. If she doesn't there a few ladies from church that I can ask. I'd just kinda hate that to be one of our first conversations, you know? (good news - I'm knocked up and still a prude!!) :o)

I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be and not supposed to be doing. Like, I know free basing coke is out, but is it okay if I Windex my glasses? I guess I'll be doing more research today. Maybe I can get my hands on a few of ya'll's books suggestions soon.

Somehow my coworker guessed me out yesterday. She said she could just tell. I think it was because I was scarfing down cheese straws. She says it's because she's been pregnant three times. What was it? Did I accidentally wear "mom jeans" yesterday or something? Maybe I'm a little paler than typical. Maybe she could hear my horrific gas trumpeting out of the bathroom. (Sorry - TMI? It's really been bad, though) I thought I was being discrete. Apparently she's a Jedi Master of Preggos. Either way - my mom finds out tomorrow morning. Before someone else tells her that her youngest daughter was walking around Wal-Mart somehow looking pale and green at the same time, horrifically contorting her face in effort to keep from tooting her own horn down the produce aisle.

Oh. And after today I'll be unemployeed. Undefinitely. The lack of income has never made me happier. :o)

Since I don't know if I'll be blogging before Wednesday I want to say that I hope that you all have a Very Merry Christmas. May you and your family be blessed in this special time of year!



noelle said...

Yeah, your coworker probably noticed the heartburn, the scarfing, the gas-all the things that we deal with when pg that just aren't in the books.

Another good one is the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy. It's a very funny one.

And telling your mom? Yeah, you are officially telling your parents that you have had sex with your husband! No secrets anymore! LOL

Enjoy your holiday!!!

and windex is probably OK...just don't drink it, OK?

Amanda said...

Windex is okay. Coke is fine and so is diet coke--IN MODERATION! I have caffeine at one meal per day (be it diet coke or my new found love of cherry coke). I did with DS too and all is well.

Telling your mom is fun! Scary but fun. We told my mom the first time by getting her a picture frame that said I love Grandma. Then we put a note on it that said "Hi Grandma, I'll see you around Mother's Day 2004! Love, Baby last name" She totally didn't get it at first then she did and it was great! I'll never forget.

You know gas and indigestion have been horrid for me. I'm tellin ya...I could clear a room and a room full of men at that! :)

Enjoy your last day of employment. You're gonna be a mommy now! YAY!!!

Oh and OBs....word of mouth is by far the best way to find one. And since you are going to a smaller area it may be easier--meaning more people will go to that doctor.

I am so thrilled for you. I seriously about fell out of my chair when I read that yesterday. Oh and my first symptom with DS was the extreme fatigue and this one it was the gas/heartburn/indigestion. :)

Merry Christmas to you!!! I can't wait to hear your mom's reaction!!!

Candace said...

Yeah - I'd say free basing coke is out. Keep in mind that many women at this stage don't even KNOW they're preggers. I was around 2 months in when with Ci when I went to the university clinic and begged them to give me antibiotics because I had finals coming up and couldn't shake this flu. "Um, do you mind if we run a few tests first?" So I says, "Whatever! As long as I can get drugs before the finals." So, tested for mono, etc, etc, pregnancy, etc, etc. I was in total shock with the pregnancy one came back positive. Crappolas! So Marks says, "Let's get married." and I says, "No" - But when he asked a year later I said Yes, so don't feel too badly for him.
Meanwhile, I'd stopped drinking 'cause the "flu" had me down. Went through a good part of a batch of homemade wine in my first month though. Again, didn't know any better.
Yeah for unemployment.

Swizzlepop said...

I just found this site and thought of you., here's another. I have a HUGE bookmark collection under "Baby Plan." If you know of an easy way to share bookmarks I'd be more than happy to pass them along. :)

tallmama said...

HA HA! I loved your free basing coke comment! That cracked me up!!