Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's a technicolor Christmas

So, I'm finally calmed down a little. There's probably about 10 more boxes that have to be packed by Thursday night, and I can so handle that. I want to get my house picked up before then, too, because Jeremy's nosey uncle is coming over to help him load everything while I'm at work on Friday. I know he'll go in every single room possible and I'm not about to let him find dirty underwear. (Did I just admit that there's dirty underwear on my floor?) But I'm just so grateful that he's helping I'm not even going to complain about it.

Okay. It's time for another confession from Mandy. Are you ready for this?

I absolutely love tacky Christmas sweaters. (not that all Christmas sweaters are tacky, I just love the tacky ones...) I can't explain it. I know that they're tacky. I know that Stacy and Clinton would fry me at the steak for wearing it. I know that my husband is slightly embarrassed by it. But I don't care. I love them. Last year I had found the absolute perfect tacky Christmas sweater. It was pink and had this cute collar and it said "Merry Christmas" in funky colors. Shear tacky Christmas sweater perfection. And now it's too big for me. So I've been searching frantically for a replacement to wear this weekend to the Christmas pageant at our new church and I can't find anything to fit the bill. My favorite so far was heavy on the leopard print, and it was a little too tacky for this occasion. I have to find something that meets me half way. Like one that's not your typical Christmas colors but doesn't have all the bells and whistles. (although a sweater with bells and whistles would be really cool...) I might have to settle for a tacky Christmas vest. At least that way it can come off if needed... (but vests are even tackier than sweaters, no?)

Okay. So now you know. I hope it doesn't make you hate me. I'm just being real, yo.

Hope you all have wonderfully OP days!!


Jo said...

I will toast to you next Tuesday when I go to the "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" with some friends of mine. My vice is Christmas socks. I my bf's son a pair of Santa socks that he's worn nearly every day this week. Have to spread the Xmas spirit in every way we can, right? :)

Amanda said...

I have an obsession for holiday socks...not just Christmas...Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving (although I don't own a pair of turkey socks yet). So I "get" your Christmas sweater obsession. :)

But you do surprise me more and more every day!

Candace said...

I finally bought a Christmas sweater this year. I didn't think it tacky, but a couple of the girls at work had fun making fun of me. Oh well, the kids liked it and so do I.

MMalloy said...

This is the funniest thing I have read all day! You crack me up!!! I need to find a tacky swaeter myself for a contest we are having at work!!!! Send me some ideas or where to look!