Friday, November 30, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:

Jeremy and I have been called to a church outside of Auburn, AL. It's a wonderful opportunity to serve a really sweet church, and it's totally a God thing. And it was the secret that I was hinting around a few months ago. His first Sunday will be January 6th of 2008 so we'll be moving the first week of the year.

The community is actually called Little Texas, which is about 4 hours away from here. It won't be too far away from family, but it's a little daunting to move all of my earthly possessions four hours away. We'll take a 10 ft U-Haul truck's worth of boxes down on December 15th, so I'm packing like crazy. It has been a crazy time in our lives filled with quick meals and junk. Which leads me to...

The Bad:

I haven't blogged in a month of Sundays. Mainly because I just didn't feel like putting myself out there. I'm an extrovert, but I have had so much people time that I just drew into my shell a little. Not so much that people IRL would notice, but Cyber Mandy definitely didn't want to talk. (Shocker, I know) And you know I avoid you guys when I'm not eating well, and I so totally have not been making good choices. I haven't gone grocery shopping in who knows when. We've been eating either scavenger type meals or quick fast food. Pizza and chicken fingers have been my diet for the past month, and it so totally shows. This, of course, leads me to...

The Ugly:

I woke this morning to an exercise machine infomercial blaring on the tv, and it made me feel like total crap. I knew that I had been bad bad bad, and I needed to face the music. So I nervously stepped on the scale and it read 197.6! Yep. That's about 16 pounds from my lowest weight, which was at the end of August. It was a huge wake up call. I mean, here I am trying to get pregnant and I'm treating my body like a garbage dump. I kept telling myself that once we moved I would get back on track, but I almost procrastinated myself out of Onederland!

So, here's the plan. I know I can't diet once I get knocked up, but I sure can do my best to get back down before I get the little plus sign on the stick. And then once I am pregnant I can just be sensible about it. I think I had already started eating for two. :o)

But, I still have serious time constraints on my hands. How am I suppose to do a healthy dinner on the fly with my house turned upside down? Well, if worst comes to worst I can live off of SubWay while the hub gets whatever junk it is he thinks he needs. Any suggestions would be wonderful. That's assuming, of course that I haven't made all of you horribly mad at me.

Big thanks to all of you who have checked in, even though I've been MIA.
Now I'm going to check in with all of you and see what's gone down since I've been gone. :o)

I hope all of you have Happy Fridays and wonderful OP weekends!!


noelle said...

SO glad to see you back on track. I can only imagine the complications of december at the church and moving and trying to get pregnant and do a big move and a new job. That's a lot to deal with at once...seriously.

My hubby has been a worship leader since long before I knew him. Our first date was to choir practice in fact! I know that this time of year ministry can just suck the life out of you.

As for healthy dinners? I love my crock pot, so easy to come home to a meal, but not always super low in points. What about big pots of soup that you can reheat for a quick dinner? And whole wheat pasta is easy. You could also cook a spaghetti squash on the Saturday and top that with sauce later in the week for a quick dinner.

As for the pg thing, I have totally been there. I started my first pg at 175, the second at 185, the third at 195, the fourth at 175, the fifth and sixth at 185. Some of those pg's I gained more weight than others, too. But when I ate well and made healthy choices and gained the weight slowly, I felt soooo much better. And with 3 of them, I didn't gian much at all in the last 2 months. I think I was losing (from eating well) and gaining (from growning a baby) at the same time. Since I was already heavy when I got pg (i'm only 5'4") my HCP wasn't terribly worried about it.

You will do it. You will juggle all these things the next month. Remember that eating well is the way that you can best take care of yourself. Stock up on easy fruits to eat and think of that as a gift to yourself.

MMalloy said...

First off...CONGRATULATIONS to both you and DH!!! I am so happy for you!!
Moving can be so stressful, but remember that staying healthy is critical for your strength and sanity! That being said, hooray for making a plan to stay focused over this crazy month.
Subway is a great idea. A lot of restruants offer more soup choices in the fall/winter, a soup and salad or baked potato is a great choice for going out!
It's great to see you back!!

Candace said...

Mandy, It's so nice to see you back - and Yeah for you and Jeremy - I've been thinking about you guys.

Are you really asking for help? If so, here's my 2 cents (and I'm not gonna beat you up - I think you've done enough of that). This is all about being accountable - not to each other, but to ourselves. You need quick, healthy foods - pizza isn't a staple. Here's what you do. Pick up the Ziploc 2C containers, brown rice, some lean meats, whole grain cereal, lots of frozen veggies and frozen fruit, canned tuna and chicken, some dressings that you like, some protein bars, and a couple bags of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread.

Make a big pot of rice, cook a bunch of cuts of meat, and make a bunch of frozen dinners in those containers - use your imagination, but include 1/2C rice, 3-4oz meat, and top up with veggies and 2Tbsp sauce of choice (I use salad dressings or BBQ sauces). Freeze your bread and just toast a slice or 2 at a time as needed. Pack a cooler to go each morning, even if you're just hanging out at the house. This will be your 'go-to' food rather than the fridge/pantry or take-out. A container with 1-1/2C fruit will thaw out and go nice with the splenda you're packing. This isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you're looking at short-term and I'm sure can come up with some healthy options for quick meals.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing all about Little Texas. We've been watching Grand Champion recently - a great movie based in Texas and the scenery is awesome.

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on teh new church, sounds like it's waht you've been wanting.

Hope the movign stress doens't get to you too bad. Can you buy things like premade salads or like noelle said use your crockpot. Moving is stressful so that in itself could hurt your healthy eating. Do you best and just be aware.

Hope things slow down soon and that we see more of ya :)

KimLookAlike said...

first, SOOOO glad to see you back! I missed you! There is no way I could be crabby with you for not posting- I was just hoping that you were OK and nothing tragic had happened (like a miscarrage)
second, Congrats on the new church!! It sounds like you and the hubby are excited about it and I am sure it will be a great place to call home.
third, what about crockpot meals? They can be healthy and easy to just dump in everything and let it cook while you are packing...(as I am typing this I can see tha noelle said almost the same thing in her comment to you... sorry... I need to read others comments before I start typing away...LOL), and they make great leftovers that can be frozen for a quick heat up in the microwave.

you seem to be doing remarkably well for all the changes you are going through. Just take a deep calming breath and you will get through it... I promise! We are here for you when you need us- remember that! AJ

Amanda said...

Girl, I am SO GLAD you are back! WOO HOO!!!!

Congrats to you and DH on so many things--the church, the move, and the TTC (trying to conceive).

As far as healthy meals and quick...I suggest the crockpot. I LOVE mine and in the winter (especially in December) it's a staple for me. Quick, easy, low point meals ready when I get home. Also, Subway is a GREAT option, but you will burn out on that quick. How about those premade salads from Wal-Mart? Add that with maybe a Lean Cuisine? I know not the BEST option out there, but it's better than pizza and chicken fingers. Chick-fil-a has a fairly good selection with the Chicken Grill sandwich. Skip the fries and have a salad. YUM-O!

I'm glad you are back and I hope you are back for a while. ;) I've missed you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy,
So glad to see you back. So, I read the DH is corck-pot-o-phobic, no problem. Here's my $.02: pick a day or night when you can cook while doing other things and make 2 or three meals that you can freeze. If you're a soup eater, freeze in ziploc bags filled about 1/2 to 2/3 full. Then buy some nice crusty frozen whole wheat rolls. Voila! Instant light dinner plus a salad. Almost anything freezes pretty well, especially casseroles (just wait to add any cheese until reheating it). Big thing is to freeze in individual portions. I have a few low fat casserole type dishes that freeze well if you want them!

PS: CONGRATS on the new church! It sounds wonderful!