Thursday, December 6, 2007

obsession confession

Whew! It's been one of those mornings. For some reason I just could not get my booty in gear and I ended up running late. I'm sure the forty billion different outfit changes didn't help matters either. See, I was roped into attending 2 separate Christmas functions yesterday. One is tonight and one is tomorrow night, so I had to totally reassess the wardrobe situation. I still don't have a lot of clothes in this size (like 3 pairs of dress pants with various tops...) so I have to really navigate through. So, needless to say I didn't make it to the scale this morning. It's probably just as well - we ate Mexican food last night. (And I thought of my favorite pregnant cyber friend!!) I got the fajita taco salad, so I made a descent choice, but the chips I munched on probably caused some water retention.

I'm doing my best to not freak out about the lack of stuff not accomplished, but everyone seems to be doing their best the steal my time. I was planning on packing all tonight, tomorrow night and all weekend, but it looks like that's not happening. I have to have a 10 ft UHaul's worth of boxes in a week, and I'm no where there. But the up side is that I'm caught up on Christmas stuff. (I just remembered the church Santa Party I'm supposed to plan - so, well, I'm ALMOST caught up!) I just have a few more presents to buy, and everything that I have bought is wrapped.

I have this sick love of wrapping presents and it can take me 30 minutes easy to wrap just one. I try not to take that long, but I'm such a perfectionist with that sort of thing. And I've learned how to make a new style of bow this year, too. The hub made fun of me last night when I showed him our nephew's present. I had wrapped it with this gorgeous olive drab green foil paper and used a sort of rusty gold ribbon for his bow. And Jeremy said, "honey, you just spent no telling how long on that pretty pretty package just for him to rip it open". Oh well. It makes me happy. (and besides, my mom is a freak about wrapping, too, and with this new bow I'm totally kickin her little arse this year!) :o)

So there's just one more sick thing that you probably wished you didn't know about me!

Have a wonderfully OP day!


MMalloy said...

OMG, I am laughing my ars off here! I totally have the same obsession, in fact when I bring a gift to a party or wedding, I walk around to makes ure mine is the "BEST WRAPPED" one. It's scary!!
Mexican sounds great, good job on ordering a salad, it's hard to do sometimes. Remember to take one thing at a time, you have a lot on your plate, but you have the support of so many and you will accomplish it all one way or another!!

Amanda said...

And your favorite pregnant cyber friend has been CRAVING Mexican this week. I had Taco Bell yesterday but that didn't do it. Maybe one day next week. ;)

I love to wrap, but not THAT much! And I can NOT do bows. I wish I could though. I just wrap and get it done. It looks good, but not perfect by any means! :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

yup, it's a sickness- but I've got it too... Wrapaholics. Sad sad sad.

Swizzlepop said...

OMG am I the only one who dosen't care about wrapping gifts. My gift receivefs are lucky to get a tag and bows? What are those. You would die if you saw my gifts this year. Are you available for hire?