Tuesday, December 25, 2007

twas the night before Christmas

Editor's Note: Upon reading back over this, I've realized that it's completely spastic and a little disorganized. For this I apologize. I'm blaming my Preggo Brain and the fact that it's not even daylight yet.

Okay. It's more like the butt crack of dawn Christmas morning. More specifically it's 4:20 am. (the more juvenile Mandy would comment on this. Now that I'm a mature & responsible mother I will just gloat at being so above this.) :o)

I woke up this morning at 3:16. I wake up every morning in the three o'clock hour now. This morning what I thought was nausea turned out to be some serious heart burn. Serious. So, since I couldn't sleep I decided to check in.

Most of the family knows that I'm pregnant now, and they're all excited. I've taken to calling the baby Booger because it has to have some sort of name besides "Baby". I hate to admit this, but the hub and I have fallen into a disgusting habit which includes calling one another Baby, so the name was already taken. Speaking of the hub - things have been a little weird between the two of us. I think between me being a little extra hormonal (I know - shocker!) and him not knowing what to do makes us feel a little awkward. Sunday afternoon I let loose on him because he was hitting my leg and was intentionally swerving on the way to church - despite me saying, "Ugh. I so could throw up." I don't want special attention. I know I'm not THAT pregnant. But come on, dummy. At least be nice to me. And ever since then he has been. I cried a little more than what I had to just to make sure he got it. :o)

I'm really not doing well on the food front. It's so hard to watch what you eat at Christmas, but when people are saying, "Go on, eat more. You're eating for two now." it makes it even harder. It's a total lack of will power. Obviously I have no will power against food - I'm the Fat Lady who's not singing yet. I think I should temporarily change my blog title, though. I'm not fat - I'm pregnant! :o) (Actually today I just feel fat)

Once we move (which is in a week from today, btw) I'm hoping that I can get some sort of schedule down which includes exercise and healthier eating. I'm thinking that foods on the Core plan would be a really good guideline, but I think I'm going to tweak it to include low fat dairy and not just fat free dairy. I feel like I need to follow something pretty strictly, otherwise I'll be trying to birth a 10 pound baby in 9 months. (BTW - how come we were never told about this 40 weeks stuff before pregnancy? That's 10 months! I only signed up for 9!! I mean, I have no choice to go along with it now, but they could have warned a girl!)

Well, I'm off to check Google Reader and to update my page a little. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas & I can't wait to hear from ya'll soon! I've missed ya!!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You just always make me laugh- I so love your honesty!

MMalloy said...

Those 40 weeks are going to fly by! I think sticking to mostly core foods is a really great plan. Just remember small meals throughout the day, not 3 large meals will keep you on plan and feeling better!

Amanda said...

Yep--40 weeks = 10 months, not 9! Sucks too!! :) But we gotta do what we gotta do! I won't say they will fly by b/c if you are feeling blah and nauseous and all that heartburn, it will feel like an eternity. I would say wait until 14 weeks--that's the start of the 2nd trimester--you SHOULD feel better for a bit....until the third trimester starts. :)

Don't fall prey to that "you're eating for 2 now". That's how I gained 55# with DS!!! And in the first trimester you don't really NEED extra calories....you need about 300 extra calories once the 2nd trimester hits though. :)

Sorry to flood you with information. I'll shut up now!

Oh and I can't read your baby booger ticker. What does it say? It's too small! :)

Candace said...

YOU are nuts! Pushing out a 10lb baby isn't soooooo bad, assuming it's your 2nd. Mine were 9lb,3.5oz and 9lb,15oz (no, I didn't forget a decimal). I actually gained 35lbs each pregnancy. 1st trimester, once the yucks start, is yuck and feels like an eternity. But, you're happy to be preggers; although I remember thinking if anything happened I would NEVER get pregnant again. Then 2nd trimester is blissful, getting bigger and having fun looking pregnant instead of fat - and having fun wearing cute maternity clothes. 3rd trimester sometimes results in cute maternity clothes getting too small - boo - and issues with getting comfortable in bed. Then the baby is borne. This is bliss. You get a soupy tummy back and have trouble getting to the toilet on time and lose your fun-time boobs to functional causes. And you wear every moment with pride (I know, a sin, but you won't be able to help it and I think God forgives loving Mom's for this one).

Try to eat healthy - remember, you're not eating for 2 full-grown people and the best thing to do is to eat healthfully for baby booger.