Thursday, August 23, 2007

ya'll know you do it, too

Yesterday was another fabulous OP day in Mandy's fabulous OP week. I feel this urgent need to lose as much as possible while I'm on a roll. The scale was down .4 today - 183.4. Makes me happy. If this keeps up I just might reach 180 before the wedding. (It's next weekend - can you believe?)

I went to Wally World yesterday during lunch and decided to try on some size 12's - and guess what? They buttoned. They were waaay too tight and was a little too obscene to wear in public, but THEY BUTTONED! Without me having to lay down and sweat and pull a muscle and harm internal organs. I almost bought them, and then I realized that I would have just bought them because they were 12's, and it was part of a suit, and I could have felt compelled to buy the jacket, too, and it was going to be like $60 - and that's just too much for Bargain Barbie to handle. Besides, I'm shopping with my mom tomorrow night and I'll want to spend money then, too. So I didn't get them, but they still made me happy happy happy.

So, I have a little confession for you ladies. My dear hubby has taken to teasing me about my before size lately, and every now and then he'll say something about the size I am now. Completely joking, mind you, and since I joke about it I guess he thinks it's okay, too. Well, he never did this when I was heavier. (I just realized yesterday that at my highest I was 240) But I guess he thinks it's safe now. Anyways, he said something yesterday before church about my before size. I don't remember what it was, but it burned me. My mental image is still of that girl. So, I asked him not to say stuff like that, AGAIN, and moved on. Last night we were in bed, and he was hyper so he was trying to get me to wrestle (I don't know if this is normal, but growing up with so many brothers I learned to like to beat people up - it has nothing to do with any sexual thing whatsoever) So he was taunting me and he said something like, "Geesh - you could fit the entire ocean in that stomach" and I give him this wounded look, and he says, "Aww, I was just kidding. Obviously you couldn't fit the entire ocean in there...maybe half of it" And I know it was a stupid joke, but I was sick of it. So I let him have it. I looked at him, my face crumpled, and I cried like a baby. And I started saying "Do you think I need to lose more weight - I'm only planning on being a 12, but if you think I need to lose more I will" and other things that I knew would make him feel like crap. Now, honestly, I didn't like what he was saying, but it didn't hurt my feelings enough to cry like that. But I knew it was the ONLY way to get him to stop. All of his teasing was chipping away at my self-esteem. So, obviously he starts apologizing all over himself and felt really bad, and once I thought that it lasted long enough I told him that I forgave him and that it was okay. Then he said something like, "But the words will be there forever, won't they?" and I said, "No. When I forgive, I forget, too." So, I was the hero, the hub learned a lesson, and I slept the sleep on a baby. :o) I guarantee he won't make stupid jokes like that again.

I know it was awful of me, but it's the only thing that worked. He didn't mean what he was saying, but as a man, he had no idea what it could do to me. So there it is. I hate to say it, but I'm proud of myself. :o)

Now for the goals:

1. At least 12 8 oz servings of water - CHECK!
2. No WP's during the week - CHECK!
3. Several Mini-Meals during the day - CHECK!
4. At least 5 servings of f/v - no check - but I'll get them today!
5. At least 2 servings of dairy - CHECK!
6. Daily Activity - CHECK! (wrestling with Jeremy - not quite 30 minutes, but it was something)
7. Limit Coke Intake - CHECK! only 3 for the day

I know this is getting long, but I wanted to tell ya'll that I've been drinking green tea in the mornings. It's supposed to be great for your metabolism, and it's a great pick me up that's not coke. Since I can't drink my coffee black, I had to find an alternative when I decided to cut back on the artificial sweeteners. Green tea was the perfect choice because I can drink it straight up! :o)

I hope ya'll have wonderful OP days!!


Candace said...

Green Tea is a child that needs to be free and wild. Loose tea made in a teapot is the absolute best way to drink it. For loose they only use the leaves, but in the bags, they also dry and grind the stems! You can see the leaves unfold in your cup if you don't strain from the pot to the cup.

MMalloy said...

You are doing so great. I know what you mean about guys saying things and not really getting how we may take it. My BIL is horrible at it and always says things about my sisters weight, I guess the difference is I really think he means it and your DH was only joking. Sad...
Anyways, thanks for all the support girl, you are such an awesome inspiration!!

Randi said...

Yes I totally do it too. I think my hubby (and yours too) do it only joking and don't really think we're fat at all, because they only do it when we're smaller. But still they shouldn't do it, they just don't understand. so do whatever you need to to get him to understand. It's all fair game.
Good for you on the green tea. I've heard it's got weight loss benefits too. (I don't like anything hot to drink so I'm out). Also if you're looking for any edge you can get, I've heard things about fish oil capsules. they've got omegas too and are supposed to help with weight loss. I don't know how or why but worth a shot (but they're expensive).
ALSO (I know I'll shut up soon) I've stopped buying clothes that WILL fit and only buy clothes that fit now. When I was my skinniest I was still buying clothes too small and now I'll never wear them. I have enough clothes that i'm still trying to fit back into so it's like buying new clothes anyway.

Randi said...

I found this for you about green tea. All the wonderful things it does for you:

Amanda said...

Okay, I am off to buy some Airborne tonight. If your co-worker has 3 kids and avoids getting sick with it, then I'm all about that!

You are rockin it girl!! I can't believe the wedding is next week! My sister's is in 2 weeks!!! ACK!!!

And woo hoo for you! You used to be 240?? I had no idea you'd lost that much. That's AWESOME!!!

BB said...

You had every right to cry like a baby and get your husband to apologize. I think a lot of people in general don't realize how hurtful those comments can be. My ex used to make them-but at that point he was being mean on purpose. Size 12's are wonderful!!! It does seems easier to stay OP when you're getting the right results! I'm with ya girlie! Great job!

lilcatmama said...

I totally get the joking thing. WHen I saw all my friends and family in Florida a couple weeks ago they would joke about my before size. They couldn't believe how much weight I lost and they were saying things like "Man you were HUGE!!!" It really hurt my feelings, I cried a lot and I would say "Why didn't you tell me" and their responses were usually that they didn't want to hurt my feelings....They don't understand that it still hurts myfeelings. I may have changed physically, but I am still the same person I was a year ago, and when you crack a joke about me a year ago your still making fun of me.

anyways You are doing soo awesome and it sounds like you are feeling great!!!!!!

Stick around me would ya...Sometime I could use a good kick in the rear end!!

Swizzlepop said...

You have done so well, I had no idea you've lost so much! I can't say I've ever cried but I have done similar things to get my hubby to realize when he's crossed the line. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and tears are what gets men to "get it" sometimes. You did nothing wrong.
Green Tea is great so glad you are drinking it.