Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last night was hard. I was starving and I only had 10 points to last the rest of the night and I thought that I was going to die. Okay, maybe not that bad. It's a little too early in the day to be that much of a drama queen. But it was bad. My personal mantra was "It's just food and you don't want it" and guess what? I stayed OP. Here's my checklist for the day:

1. at least 96oz of water - CHECK! I drank at least that much
2. limit coke intake - CHECK! Only 3 (I know that's still a lot, but it's an improvement)
3. eat mini-meals - CHECK!
4. get some sort of movement everyday - no check - but I did get in bed waay early and I needed it!
5. No WP's used during week- CHECK! - Technically I used 4 for a glass of milk to keep my stomach from eating my kidneys. But since my points renewed at 5pm I'm counting it for today's points. (does that make any sense at all?)

We're going to our denomination's regional meeting tonight and they're supposed to feed us. Hopefully I'll be able to make really good choices, but I'll just do the best that I can. My hypoglycemia is really making itself known lately so my focus today is to eat plenty of protein. I'm thinking grilled chicken salad for lunch since I only have 8 points to last until 5 tonight and I still need to get in my mini-meals. (I've already had breakfast - thank goodness!)

So there you go. Mandy is getting back to kicking ask. And the metal demon was nice this morning - back down to 184.4. I'm hoping that I can get to 180 before the wedding on September 1st, but we'll see. I'm not going to kill myself trying to get there.

I hope you all are having wonderfully OP days!

I'll definitely be checking in tomorrow because Amanda has threatened my life if I don't! Geesh - you gals sure can pack a mean punch! ;o) And that's why I love you!! {{hugs!}}


Amanda said...

You betcha! :)

Good jobs on the goals and all those checks! You are rockin it!

Have fun tonight and just make the best decision possible and you will do fine. Remember no flex points until the weekend. :)

Ro said...

WHooo hooo!
I am dancing in my seat for you ebing OP and saying No to the food.....
Tonight just ask yourself ...is it worth it. Eat until you feel full and move on...Have fun!

MMalloy said...

Way to set goals and stick with them, that is what I want to hear!! You can totally stay OP again today and still have a great time! Good luck and keep us updated!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yeah, don't mess with us. There's nothing worse than angry chubby girls!

Melanie said...

YEAH!! Look at you girl! You are right back on track!! Way to go...so proud!