Wednesday, August 22, 2007

*doing a happy dance*

Tuesday was a great OP day. It was much much easier than Monday and I even stayed OP at the meeting. Thankfully there was lots of healthy stuff to eat.

I've already written this blog once, but the server went berserk before I could post so now I'm rewriting an abbreviated version.

Here's my goals for yesterday (with 2 added):

1. no WP's during the week - CHECK!
2. at least 12 8 oz servings of water - CHECK!
3. limit coke intake - CHECK! only 3 and one was caffeine free!
4. 5 servings of fruits or veggies - CHECK!
5. 2 servings of dairy - no check - only one
6. some sort of activity daily - no check - I spent 2 hours driving and 2 hours in a meeting last night after work, so no exercise. But I didn't spend the night in front of the tv either, so that's a good thing! :o)
7. several mini-meals throughout the day - CHECK!

So, all in all I did pretty well. But here's the best bit. I stepped on the scale and it said (drum roll please) 183.8. I had to look twice because I wasn't expecting a 3 before the decimal and of course it made me uber happy. It's just what I needed to make sure I stay OP today!

So I have about 5 points to last me until 5 tonight (it's about 11 now). I'll have a 4 point lunch with a 1 point mid-afternoon snack. I think I can make it. Oh! And I've already gotten in 8 servings of water, so I'm peeing like no one's business! :o) Can I get AP's by running to the potty?

Have a Great OP Day!!


Randi said...

you have to sprint back and forth to the bathroom and do 10 jumping jacks and 10 pushups while you're in there if you want to count it as AP!
But awesomeness on all else baby! I like that points 5 to 5 thing. A different way of thinking about food huh? yay water! yay f&v! yay minimeals! yay caffine free! and super yay scale! hold on to it!

Amanda said...

The scale reading is AWESOME!!!!!! You are rockin your goals! Keep it up!!

Ro said...

Thanks for the well wishes....and congrats on the OP day..doesn't it feel so good!!!!

Candace said...

You go girl!

Kendra said...

Great job tackling yesterday!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Funny you want APs for running to the bathroom....I wanted APs for blowing my nose so much in the last 3 days. Congrats on a good day...Keep it up!!

theenginethatcould said... is going limiting the diet coke, I honeslty thought of you as I drank my 3rd one today.....:)

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

Good for you, you're going to pass me up! I know it :)

I think your goals have been reachable too---and I know what you mean about the Coke! LOL

Thanks for your kind words about my day yesterday...ugh. I told my mom the story tonight, and she said---"you mean to tell me you didn't look at her and flick her off?" LOL

MtngirlinCali said...

You are too funny! I've had days like that, too, where you eat everything before noon and then have to get creative for dinner. I used to swear by fat free hot dogs, but I learned that I retained water for days after eating them and it wasn't worth it! Egg white omlette, all the way. I load the pan with more veggies than you can imagine and then one or two points worth of egg whites. If I load on enough Tabasco, I can get away with no cheese. :)

Anyway, I'm proud of you for weaning yourself off soda and sticking to your goals!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

YAY for you! Yes, on page 1245 of the WW handbook it states:

"Trips made to and from the bathroom due to excessive water intake count for 1 activity point round trip"...

It's right there next to the whole "food eaten between 12am and 4am is free" thing... you've seen it right???

Swizzlepop said...

Yay on the lose from yesterday, the scale is being nice! I hope tomorrow is the same or even lower...
It sounds like yo are doing great!