Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday's Silver Lining (if you squint you can see it)

I had a really good weekend. Notice that I didn't say I had a really good OP weekend, because I totally didn't. But the only good thing about Monday's is that they feel like fresh starts, so I'm going to refocus again (again). Obviously what I'm doing isn't working for me (motivationally speaking) so I think that I need a new program. It'll still be WW, and for now it'll still be flex, but I'm hammering out some rules for this week.

For example:

I'm going to try to focus on eating several smaller meals. I know this is a duh thing, but I haven't really done this and I want to try it.

I'm force feeding myself water like it's nobody's business. I realize that it's possible to drink too much water, but it's really not possible for me to. I do good to get in 6 servings, but I'm shooting for like 12 8 oz servings. Big difference, and water helps in ways that I don't even have to waste our time listing because we all know them.

I've read somewhere about someone setting up their WW day from 5pm to 5pm, vs just from when you wake till when you sleep. This makes you watch your points at night and encourages more points spending during the day. That would keep me from saving points for snacking all night, and I personally think that it's best to eat more while you're up and about and not when you're just sitting on your bum or sleeping. (although the hub and I have gone round and round about this)

I'm doing some major coke drinking cutting out. I drink no telling how many diet cokes, and since there's this theory that aspartame causes sugar cravings I'm giving it a shot. Besides, that means that I'll drink more water. And it's a no brainer that water is better than diet coke. I've picked a crappy day to start, though, 'cause I didn't sleep well last night and I could totally throw back some Diet SunDrop. (my pity for those of you who don't know what it is - it's like liquid crack sent from heaven) The lack of sleep is also my excuse if this blog is boring and rambly. (I don't want the cracks that all of my blogs are like that!) :o)

And I'm gonna make myself do some sort of activity. Despite my best intentions I still hate exercise like cats hate water, but I'm going to do SOMETHING on a regular basis. (even if it is 30 minutes on the elliptical from hell)

So that's what I'm thinking I'm going to do. And oh yeah, no WP's during the week. I have a HARD TIME on the weekends because I'm such a social butterfly and everyone wants some face time with Mandy (not really) and all I seem to want is some face time with chocolate cake. So I might as well save those points for that time, and maybe, just maybe, I won't use them. (ha!)

I hope everyone had a loverly weekend and I hope ya'll have a great OP day!

PS: Thanks for the comments, you guys know they keep me going. And, Randi, you really really shouldn't feel bad about kicking by butt because I was totally crusin for a bruisin! ;o)


Candace said...

Although diet pops are 'free' I have been totally unconvinced that they are good for you, so yay on cutting them out. I think if we have too many 'sweet' drinks, it makes it difficult to appreciate 'good' water. I personally love water and have learned to crave it (this from a girl who has been dehydrated for several, several years). I can't handle the crystal light packets even - just want good water.

And yay for switching it up. Have you tried Core yet? I did over holidays and think I'll do it again. It actually took me 2.5 months to trust myself not to over-eat while on it, but once I got there it was amazing. I still had some non-core items, but just used my FPs for them.

dizzydazey said...

I love Core, but it seems to be hard for me and the hub to gee-haw while I'm doing it, so for now I'm trying to stay with Flex. However, if I'm not getting the results I want I'll definitely switch to back to Core. :o)

Ro said...

Those little changes sound like a good plan. Especially the mini meals.
Good luck and you know I truly believe in silver linings :~)
Have a great OP week!

Randi said...

You are so cute.
Yay water girly! Pound at least a glass before you eat bad food. (you might be too full for it!)
and YAY EXERCISE!!! you don't want to be like the cat and water (cats are fat a lazy!) you wanna be like...a fox! (they gotta work out) You can make it something to look forward to by combining it with something. Only let yourself watch you're favorite show if you're wearing your exercise clothes and do squats on the ads. Or download a podcast to listen to on your mp3 player (I like Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo, it's funny) or buy some really cute exercise clothes that you want to wear. I could go on and on (and I think I just did, oops)

MMalloy said...

You've got it down girl! You know exactly what you need to do to get this to work. I can't tell you what a difference mini meals make during the day, I seriously pack a small cooler everyday full of low point foods and snack on them ALL day.
I have finally cut back to 1 diet coke (or diet soda) a day, it took forever since I get bad migraines if I don't have my caffiene, take it slow and don't worry it WILL happen!
I love the goal of getting in APs, set your goal to get atleast 1 a day and then add 3 days of 4 or more! It is so rewarding and you will notice it gets easier to do.
You will get this plan to work for you, stay focused and come to us when you are getting frustrated!!

Amanda said...

I have heard some not very good things about diet sodas. Actually, the receptionist that I always weigh with at my WW meeting told me last week that she has a friend who went back to regular Mt. Dew and lost 15 pounds. I limit mine to one a day (at lunch) and if we go out (for dinner) and usually that's only once a week. I just can't fathom using points for non diet least not right now. I've considered going off ALL sodas, but man...that's for another day/time.

Sounds like your goals for the week are totally completely attainable. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Now, we expect you to update us EVERY DAY this week. If you don't, I'm going to come knock down your door and put you in front of the computer!

Oh and I would totally love some Mandy face time every weekend! :)

theenginethatcould said...

I will be curious to see how the cutting out Diet coke changes how you feel...I too drink too much and have wondered this...but,have not cut it out yet. mostly, becuase I just like it do much!!

Melanie said...

I used to be a regular pepsi drinker and I could down tons of it...I switch to diet coke and after doing ww for 16 weeks. the taste for it just isn't there. I'm now at the point if I want a soda I go for the real thing and just count my points. It doesn't happen often. I will tell ya it didn't happen over night so be patient with yourself.

And way to get refocused!

Jenn & Ed said...

My husband laughed out loud at the "liquid crack sent from heaven"....I read it to him as he is a huge fan as well. Unfortunately they are no sold en masse where we are now so he has had to result to the Diet Dew. Boy do we have real problems compared to the rest of the world... ;)