Friday, August 24, 2007

Fabulous Me Friday

Today went pretty well. I ended up eating 1/4 of the hub's Mexican pizza at like 9 last night, and I really shouldn't have since I wasn't hungry, but I counted points for it and now I have about 6 points to last me until 5 tonight, but I'm bound and determined to make it. I do have WP's, but the scale was back up to 184.4 this morning so I don't want to use them. I think it's up because of TOM, or maybe too much sodium late at night? Whatever it is it can't be permanent, but it's not helping my mood this morning.

The hub left for a conference this morning and I won't see him until Saturday night. It's the first night we've spent apart (aside from camp where we slept in adjacent dorms) and I miss him already. I have a lot planned to keep me busy (shopping, anniversary party, girlie movies, hair cut) because I definitely don't want to get lonely and start eating junk. I think it'll help that I won't be home much in the evenings.

I noticed this morning that a friend of mine has a picture of me on her myspace that was taken who knows when. I know it was during WW, but it's such a horrible picture and makes me look fat. I don't like it and I wish she would take it off, but I don't want to seem so shallow. I think it was about 15 pounds ago, so maybe I don't look like that now. *crosses fingers* My posture is really bad, too. I need to work on that.

So since I'm sorta down on myself I've just decided to list 5 ways that I kick ask. Prepare yourself:

1. I've lost 46 pounds while doing WW and I'm down 56 pounds from my highest.
2. I can now easily shop in the "normal" section of stores. No women's sizes for me.
3. I'm making changes in my life that are starting to stick.
4. I can sniff out a bargain like a bloodhound.
5. I'm finally embracing my curves and I am realizing that I may not be a stick but I've got a cute shape.

There. I highly encourage you all to tell me 5 ways that you kick ask in comments. We need a pick-me-up. :o)

Now for the goals:

1. No WP's during the week - CHECK!
2. Limit coke intake - CHECK! Only 3 & 1 was caffeine free!
3. 5 Servings of f/v - CHECK!
4. 2 Servings of dairy - CHECK!
5. Some sort of activity daily - CHECK!
6. At least 12 8oz servings of water - CHECK!
7. Several mini-meals throughout the day - CHECK!

Whoa - I think that's all of them and the first time that I've gotten all checks! Go me! :o) See - the gain has to be TOM I totally rocked it yesterday. :o) (apparently now I'm arrogant!)

I hope you all have wonderful OP weekends!


Candace said...

Who wants to be a stick? I'd rather resemble an hourglass of some sort - may not be perfect, but a waist definately helps.
Enjoy some time alone. I love to just grab a book and cuddle under a quilt on a comfy chair when I have some alone time. It happens so rarely anymore.

Ro said...

A way you can get her to take the pic off is to give her a new one of the new "healthier" you :~)

You totally kick butt!!!
Have a great OP weekend....

Randi said...

Yay! You completely rock! and there are way more ways too. like your total random swings from "oh I sorta suck" to "sweet I'm awesome!" in 1 post. Love it.
Have a fun girlie weekend alone. I love my alone days, I stay in my jammies all day and watch whatever I want and sometimes plan a "project" like organizing photos, perfecting a muffin recipe, painting furniture. fun fun.

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

Don't be too bummed about the pictures, because sometimes those are the blessings that keep you on track. Nothing says wake up call when you see an unflattering pic.

On the reverse of that, you can start seeing weight loss too...

You are doing SO SO good. You've kept your goals realistic, and you're sticking to your goal. You've lost 3 times more than I have!!!!

Amanda said...

I love alone time. I never get it anymore, but man when I do I cherish it!

Let me tell you how *I* rocked today. Took DS to the doctor...was there FOREVER, of course. When we got done he was hungry and so was I, but nothing sounded good to me. He wanted a cheeseburger so off to Wendy's we went. I really did not want to eat a burger or even their chicken b/c the points were too high. So I just got a diet coke to suffice me the 40 minute drive home. I had a small bite of his cheeseburger to make sure it wasn't too hot and that was it! Oh and he didn't want fries, he wanted oranges so no temptation there either. We got home and I had my planned lunch and it was AWESOME! So, I rock in at least 1 way today!

Let's see what else...I've managed to keep 25+ pounds off that I lost on WW the first time around. I have never gotten back to my highest weight and I am oh so proud of that.

I make choices now and they stick (like today). I try to make the best decision possible when I am given a difficult situation.

Thanks for this! It's made me realize I don't suck even though my scale is moving ever so slowly!