Thursday, August 16, 2007

somebody please kick my butt!

Hullo. I've avoided ya'll like the plague this week because I have been sooo bad. Horrific. I have no gumption to have self control. It's really bad.

I know I want to lose another 10 or so pounds at least to get to size 12's, and I know that if I don't reach this goal I won't maintain, but I just totally seem to lack the will power to do it. So, will somebody please kick my butt? It's like, "come on Mandy! We're SO CLOSE to goal" but it's just not enough anymore.

Maybe it's the excessive heat, or job stress, or the fact that I'm a lazy bum who likes chocolate waay too much lately.

So, there it is. When the tough get's going apparently Mandy gets lost. Today is the beginning of my WW week and I'm DETERMINED to stay OP and drink my water/ get veggies & fruit/ exercise.

Wish me Luck!

(and seriously, please, let me have it. Having a bad day? Here's your chance to vent some of that pent up anger...)


Candace said...

Damn you! I come here every damn day looking for you to motivate and pick me up!! How dare you not BE here! LMAO!

Kick yourself in the butt girl. Forgive youself and get back on plan. Just think how much crap you'd eat if you weren't concerned about your health. Focus on the positive - You're awesome!

MMalloy said...

If you didn't post SOMETHING today I was going to send out search and rescue. You know what you need to do, and you WILL do it!!!!
Talk to us if things start to get out of control, that's what we are here for!!

Randi said...

Remember, you asked for it!
Mandy, first of all it is hardly fair to ask others to motivate you. We've been doing our best on our blogs and carrying the load too long, we need a little motivation back please. So suck it up, and pull your weight and be an inspiration to somebody else.
Second, weight loss isn't fun, it isn't easy. Otherwise why would people be fat? But that's why weight loss is valuable. because it's so damn hard. You've made serious progress. Don't just throw that all away by giving up now.
Third. Yeah we all wanna look good naked, yes we want to be attractive and skinny. But do you know what being not skinny does to you beside get you fewer whistle's while you walk down the street? Being just 10 lbs overweight increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, not to mention joint and back pain. Plus I personally believe that eating healthy and exercising regularly can prevent even colds from taking over. Are you telling me there's not some part of you that doesn't worry about getting cancer or heart disease? Think of your family, what are you already at risk for based on genetics? Do you want to increase or decrease that risk? Plus, who wants to get old and look old? Exercising and eating well, on top of not smoking and getting enough sleep and wearing sunscreen will delay and may offset the signs of aging.
But maybe that's not fair, let's look at the pro's - you get to eat chocolate.
Your call.

MtngirlinCali said...

Boy, you got it, girl! I guess my only suggestion for motivation is to watch Inside Brookhaven Clinic. Not to imply that you'll ever end up anywhere close to being morbidly obese if you keep eating, but last night's show focused on the "cheaters." How they had all these physical problems, and yet they still called for and ate several pizzas or calzones every day, even though it negated all that Brookhaven was doing for them. So try to put your own weight loss into perspective. You've come so far. Why put all your success in jeopardy because it feels good at the time? Do you have any other activities you prefer more than eating? When you want to eat, do that instead!!! Fight it. You can do it. You know there are smaller bones in there-- let them come out!

(OK, I'm not the best motivational speaker in the world, and after my pizza weekend, I'm now going to crawl back into my cubicle)

NCChris said...

I'm doing the same thing, so maybe we can kick each other's butts! (OK that sounded weird, but you know what I mean)


Calyn said...

I am going over on my invisible jet to kick some serious behind!!! Put on your big girl panties, suck it up and get back on track. DON'T let 1 week mess everything up for you! We all have bad weeks, just don't make it a bad month or a bad year... that is why most of us are here! No more whining, just do it! We are here for you ((hugs))

Amanda said...

Uhhh...what Randi said.

Girl, I have MISSED you! I am with Maty...I was ready to send out a search party. NOW, get your happy little butt back on the plan! Did you say you only have 10# to go?!?! What are you waiting for?? Won't you be SO MUCH happier and healthier in those 12s?? Believe me, there is nothing else better than smaller clothes!

NOW...get off your a$$ and get your butt back on program. Get out there and walk. Do you realize it's almost fall and after that comes winter?? Which means no outdoor walking, no outdoor activity, all indoor yucky stuff!!! This was supposed to get easier when Jeremy started counting points. He starts and you stop--that's not how it's supposed to work!

Hey, you asked for it... :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Don't give up! We're in this dang thing together and we need you!!! I'm having similar issues too... We both just gotta keep at it! Our choices are
A-Keep trying, even when it's really hard and we have small set backs... and eventually (even if it takes a while) we'll be the skinny girls we know we are on the inside
B-Give up, put all the weight back on that we've so painstakingly lost, and go back to being chubby and hating the way we look.

I choose A... you in?

Swizzlepop said...

You asked for it...

Quit whining, get off your arse go shopping for some healthy food and DO IT!
You want to be a Big Fat Loser as in Loser of Fat not just a Big Loser as in Lost the Battle. I wanna see some progress lady!
Put your big girl panties on and get with the program! Now get down and give me 20!(said in mean drill sergeant voice)

(=D we heart you!)

Kendra said...

Oh girl! My Alabamian sister. I hear ya on the heat!!! If everyone else's comments didn't help, I know mine won't. I do look forward to reading your blog daily, if that helps. :)