Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm plastic - it's fantastic

I'm a Barbie now, too! Steph has named me Shopping Barbie - and you know nothing makes me happier than that. :o)
Shopping Barbie is a fabulous red head who has an uncanny ability to find designer labels as bargain prices. Note her timeless Jackie O style - whether she's diving into bargain bins or beating down other shoppers with her purse - she always look chiche. Just look at that look in her eyes. It's the same crazed look I have on the morning after Thanksgiving! :o)
Now for the oath:
I promise to uphold the Barbie ways which include whining when you feel like it, being bitchy on cue and knowing that NO MATTER WHAT or WHO (yeah even if she is a rich, plastic surgery induced, exercise obsessed, bubble head) comes across your path - that you are Barbie.....beautiful and worthy!!! Size 6 or 60, Porsche or Pinto, flat belly and good boobs or pannus and dried prunes - we are AWESOME!!
Yay! That makes me happy. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm still snotty and I'm starting to feel like a bit of a martyr for not calling in today, but at least the boss is out of town and I can do pretty much nothing all day. Thanks for the props to Jeremy, too. I'm really proud of him. The plan is to wait another year before looking for a church of our own. Since our pastor has left and we're right in the middle of setting up some youth programs, it would be too hard on our church to leave them. So that's the PLAN - but if I've learned anything this past year it would be that God's plans and my plans are two different things completely. I'm finally learning to not freak out when things don't go according to my plans.
I'm off to check in on all of you! Have a Great OP Day!


Anonymous said...

Love the Barbie! Glad the snottiness is getting a little better! Take Care...

Melanie said...

Welcome to the ranks Shopping Barbie!! I love your style! Have a groovy day!

Candace said...

Yeah - I was wondering when you were going to reveal your Barbie. She's a bueat.
Your 'plan' observations reminds me of that poem about giving God back the paintbrush after making a mess out of this picture of life. I think many of us strive to do that, but it's hard to give up that control. Kudos to you!

Steph said...

I love her!!!! Shopping Barbie is fantastic!!! Glad that you're feeling better and the snot is drying up - shopping and blowing your nose is not nearly as fun and those that follow behind shopping, snotty barbie sometimes get a little grossed out if there is snot left on the rack - LOL!!! Welcome aboard our sassy Shopping Barbie!!! Good luck on the church thing too..........being a preachers wife is not an easy job and most of the time it is pretty thankless so I admire you so much!

Ro said...

Your Barbie is HOT!

Amanda said...

LOVE the Barbie!!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets stars in her eyes the day after Thanksgiving! :) We might be related!

Hope you are feeling better and SOON!!!

Calyn said...

Shopping Barbie is awesome! Welcome to the Brigade :)

"the captain" said...

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