Friday, July 20, 2007

it's good to be back

I'm sooo glad that I switched back to Flex. I know that counting points gets old, but it really is a good program, and we all know that it works. I'm really glad that I tried SB, though, because it introduced me to some yummy low point foods. Turkey bacon is my new thing, and it's only 1 point a piece. I'm eating almonds at least once a day now, and although they're a little pointy, I can make 15 of those babies last for 30 minutes. Kraft has a 2% Cheddar stick (I'm not positive of what they're exact name is) that's only 2 points and it is delicious. And, of course, I'm still eating the spinach quiche, which are 3 points for two, or 1 point for one. (that's crazy WW math for you) They're a great source of protein and a veggie on the go.

It's a nice rainy day here in Northern Alabama, and normally I'd be thrilled about that, seeing as how we're going through the worst draught in 50 years, but our A/C went out yesterday and the repair guy is coming today. Something tells me that he won't be able to work that efficiently in the rain. I don't know if I can handle a weekend without my A/C! :o) We might be spending a lot of time away from the house.

Today is my coworker Paul's last day here and he's chosen KFC for his going away party lunch. I was a little freaked out about it, but then I looked up the points for some stuff there and it won't be too pointy - as long as I resist that yummy fried chicken skin! Tomorrow is our pastor and his wives's retirement luau, and I'm sure there will be lost of yummy temptations there, too, but I expect fruit and veggies and I might have a little piece of cake. It'll be easier with Jeremy there with me - for once I won't be tempted by what's on his plate! He's doing really well with counting points. He's lost about 4 pounds and says he wants to get down to around 160 (which, according to that Shape Ideal Body Weight Calculator, is his healthy range) I keep telling him that I think that's too skinny, but then I thought "What if someone told me my goal, which is in my healthy range, was too skinny?" I guess I have a double standard. :o)

I walked with Mom for a long time yesterday, but she has lupus and I can't walk too fast with her. I just don't want to push her, because she rarely says, "I can't do this." She refuses to recognize that she has different abilities from everyone else, and while that's a good thing (she doesn't just lay around all the time) it makes it kinda hard to gauge how she's holding up. (while walking, shopping, cooking, or painting her kitchen) I'm glad we have the time together, though. I keep telling her that we're going shopping just as soon as I hit 185, but I keep being few pounds short of it. Maybe in a couple of weeks we can go and I can get a few things to stretch my wardrobe.

Alright, I'm rambling now because watching the rain outside is so conducive to writing my thoughts (aka Carrie Bradshaw!) so I'm going to stop now and check in on all of you.

I hope you're having a fabulous Friday and have a fantastic OP weekend!


MMalloy said...

I hope your AC gets fixed, I am with you on I have troubles living without out it.
There are some good low point coices at KFC so you should have no problem there. The Luau sounds like a blast!! Makes me hungry for grilled pineapple.
Good luck at lunch and this weekend!!

Amanda said...

I think it's great you and your mom spend so much time together. Cherish every moment you can. My mom lives 2.5 hours away so it's hard to spend time with just her. So I do whenever I can.

I hope your AC gets fixed soon (read, TODAY)!!

Have fun at lunch today and at the luau. Sounds like a blast!

Melanie said...

I hope that AC gets fixed for you soon. It is miserable when that is on the outs!

We had crazy storms here yesterday and none of my neighbors have power, but I do! I feel kinda bad!

Anywho...I hope you have a great day and an awesome weekend. That luau sounds like it will be tons of fun.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I'm glad your husband is on board with you now... that has GOT to be nice... I wouldn't know because I spend most of my time having this conversation with my husband:

ME: Do you KNOW how many points are in that??!!
HIM: No- and I don't care either.

Dancingqueen629 said...

I know, I know I need to blog! haha! Where have you been? It's weird not talking to you on im! Anyhoo, hope you guys have a great weekend!

p.s. dont blame you for dropping sb like a bad habit..i would too!

Sarah said...

We're in California and living without AC would KILL us but I can't imagine the humidity you must have there!! It will be much easier this weekend with your events on WW then it would have been on SB!!

Melody said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading your post. Glad you got some rain. My in-laws live in Georgia and have been telling me about the major drought. Meanwhile, here in Oklahoma, we're the extreme opposite. Crazy weather!

Hope your AC is up and running soon!