Thursday, July 12, 2007

*Rocky Theme Song Playing in the Back Ground*

I'm starting Couch Potato to 5K (from hence forth to be called CP25K) on Monday. I'm nervous and more than a little apprehensive, but I'm determined. My girl Erica is starting Monday, too. I'm trying to talk her into starting a blog here so that she can be encouraged by you lovely ladies as much as I have.

All's I need is a new pair of kicks and a el cheapo digital watch and I'm all set. This weekend I'm gonna fill my ilo full of pumping songs so if any of ya'll have a must have favorite workout tune, lemme know. Personally mine is "No Diggity" by BlackStreet and "Bow Tie" from OutKast (which is just hilarious, because I'm as white as they come...) (ps: "no diggity" is really filthy - but I can't help loving it! I have the edited version so that I don't feel quite as bad about it!)

I'm also taking Randi's advice and doing strength training on my "off" days. I don't know what or how yet, but I realize that I can't make sure I'm burning off fat and gaining muscle without it.

I'm trying to find some sort of nutritional food plan to follow. I really like what everyone is saying about "eating to fuel myself". I hate the fact that I don't eat stuff like almonds because they're not core and they're too point expensive. We'll see. I mean, I won't really be getting healthy if I'm just losing weight eating ff popcorn, now will I?

I think that's enough for now. I still encourage anyone who wants to join in the CP25K challenge to come right on! Here's a link with more info about it:

This blog has taken me like an hour to write because I'm so ADD today, so sorry if it's choppy. I hope you all have a wonderful OP day!

PS: Erica has finally joined our community! Check her out at


Amanda said...

My favorites on my iPod are Pump it by the Black Eyed Peas; I also like Fergaliciois by Fergie; Makes me Wonder by Maroon 5. I love anything by the Black Eyed Peas that is fast and upbeat but Pump it is my favorite!!!

I don't know if I can start Monday or not. I have the shoes and the watch. Speaking of... I got my watch at Target. It's a timex and it's pink and has all you need for running. I recommend a sweat band if you are a sweater...this way you get a break and it doesn't get in your eyes.

Have you thought of SBD?? I have done that before, but it's a lot like core. Nuts are on it though. Every book I have read say you should eat nuts every day or at least a few days a week, but according to WW they are too many points but they are the good type of fats. It's a vicious battle!

Randi said...

My ipod's gotta have avril lavigne, (her new one, even if it's stolen, has really pumpy songs), and Pink has a lot of good running songs. Basically any song you like listening to will be good because it will distract you. I'm a sucker for top 40.
by the way, I'm so flattered every time my name comes up in your blog. Makes me feel famous! Let me know what you're planning on doing for strength training (I have been doing this for awhile so you may not want to start as heavy as I am).
Plus, nuts. well I don't know anything about WW so I can't help you there. I always feel bad about the calories and fat too (esp with high cholesterol, I've been trying to keep it fat free) but the more I learn the more I find out that fat and protein are important. To quote a trainer I heard on the fitcast, "you need to eat fat to lose fat" and you need protein to build muscle. I'd try and work out some way to eat a few nuts. (you don't need much, like 10 almonds total or something, that can't be much points) Good luck running!

Randi said...

I feel so bad, I always leave like a full blog post for comments! :P

Melanie said...

I'm going to be taking some of the song ideas you are getting for your workouts. I'm lacking those pump it up kind of songs! Good luck with the running...I'm thinking of doing it too - I need to chekc out the web page you posted a little more. I'm just not sure if I would be able to start on Monday.

lilcatmama said...

Thanks for that link! I think I am going to try that out as soon as I get the OK from my doctor!! Thanks again!

WeightBGone said...

Good luck on the CP25K. I know you will just do awesome because you have a great attitude to succeed. I am so proud of you!!

Jo said...

Oh, my favorite tunes that always gets me on my feet is Finally by CeCe Peniston. You can still do almonds a little at a time, I tend to pour 8 out and then hide the can so I don't have the full 23-24 serving. Good luck with your strength training.

Blonde Chick said...

I'm trying this also. Starting today! GOOD LUCK!