Thursday, July 19, 2007

rehab is for quitters

I quit South Beach! It was just waaay too limiting, and too difficult for Jeremy to be counting points while I was doing it.

After the funeral yesterday, Jeremy and I were starving and exhausted (mentally and physically) so we decided that we'd grab something to eat before taking me back to work. We were limited in restaurant choices in the area, and after a tiffle of "I can't don't know points for there" and "I can't eat SB there!" we pulled into McDonald's. I figured I'd get a salad, although our McD's have bad salad reputations. (as in, they're so not fresh they're rotten) I ordered the infamous Southwestern Salad (or whatever it's called - you know the one that Colette has raved about so much that Hungry Girl herself had to review?) and when I got it I thought, "This has corn in it. These has some sort of glaze on it. This has these yummy little chips and this delicious dressing. This is not South Beach!" and then I started tuckin it in. That's when I realized that I couldn't do South Beach. There was no way that I could eat that yummy and pretty healthy salad and make up for it on SB. There's no leeway there. And a world where I can't eat that salad (which satisfied me in a way that no salad has ever been able to) is not a world that I want to live in. So, I'm no longer making myself the guinea pig. I wouldn't even say, "South Beach isn't for me" - I'd say, "South Beach is Flicktarded" (no offense, Dr. Agatston) I'm going back to WW! I'm counting points again and I'm going to stop trying to find an easy way out. GAH!

We didn't make it jogging yesterday. We were just too tired. I think I'm going to ditch my husband and just try to do it on my own. I'm walking with mom tonight, so I won't be running then, but I'll figure something out. It's just so stinkin hot here and I can't run alone at night because the track is scary then. I'll figure it out. I love that so many people are doing CP25K, but it honestly makes me feel sorta guilty that I haven't had the first successful run after instigating this.

I had enough energy, however, to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant last night and chow down. (and I thought of you, StrawGirl!!) I over did it on the chips, but there's little suprise in that. I hadn't had any carbs in 3 days, and I was definitely feeling that chips and queso. (oh and the guac!!) And I convinced Jeremy that we needed to have the same WW starting day so our WP's and everything will be on track. I really had to beg him to take me to Fiesta Mexicana - he was wanting to be so good and stick with it. Come on - he had WP's! That's what they're for! ;o) So I got my fix and maybe I'll be good for another couple of weeks.

I don't have much else to say (I know *shocker*) so I guess I'll check in on all of you. I hope ya'll have a wonderful OP day! (only one left until Friday!!)


Amanda said... thought of me--THANKS!!! We will do Mexican tomorrow night, so I'll think of you. Actually, I will think of all of us that love Mexican! I don't blame you for not sticking to SBD. It's hard. Hence the reason I am back here. :) Welcome back!!

Hey--my bridesmaids dress is in!! YIKES!! Have you had yours fitted yet?? I know mine will have to be altered, but how mich??

Ro said...

WW welcomes you on back :~)
That salad is the BOMB and like you said if you can’t have that healthy yummy goodness on SB then SB isn’t for you.
And the fact that you ordered that salad from Mc D’s says a lot about PROGRESS!!!
Have a great day!

BB said...

WW is much more flexible & realistic for daily life! SB drove me crazy with the restrictions. As far as the running, don't feel guilty because you're still exercising & will build up to running for the big event.

Randi said...

Make your walk a brisk one, and as long as you're tired at the end of it, it counts as exercise.
Just what sorts of things aren't you allowed to eat on SB? things with flavour? As long as you're eating healthy 90% of the time, it doesn't matter what plan you do.

Randi said...

hehe, we were commenting at the same time.
If you could send me the "foods to enjoy" that would be cool.

Melanie said...

I haven't had a chance to try taht salad yet from McD's...but I'll have to soon. I just haven't gone out much in the middle of the day to grab one and my Dh isn't a fan of McD's. That is so awesome your DH is countings. Mine just revolted two nights ago he told me very nicely..."Honey, while I support you 100% in this and I'm so happy you are doing this I don't need to eat WW all the time and can you please make cheesey sausages and kraft mac-n-cheese!" Which he has been so good...even trying the WW recipes that I have been making. But I was good...he got his meal and I had a turkey sausage and no mac-n-cheese. 7 points for mine compared to his 15 point meal.

Sorry for hijacking...but keep at are doing great!

Calyn said...

SB is hard and only a few people I know can handle hanging on for the first two weeks! I have not tried the SW salad either, but I think I am gonna have to. And even if you are not running, you are walking. And that is better than doing nothing! ;) And it must be nice that your hubby is doing WW with you. Yesterday, my DH brought Munkins home and then ordered a pizza from a local place for lunch! I wanted to choke him to death! LOL (I didn't just in case anyone was wondering) :) Dizzy, keep up the good work!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Welcome back to WW... SB is WAY too hard for me too!

Ft Art student... said...

I want to go out and get this salad now! Welcome back to WW :) I commend you for trying SB though--either way, you ar putting in a lot of effort and you must be commended for that :)

Candace said...

Welcome Back! Maybe the switch up helped shake things up a bit. I think if you never try, you'll never know. Keep us posted on your exercise regime.

WeightBGone said...

I've heard so many people rave about Mc D's salad that I need to get one soon. WW is a good program thats for sure its much easier to work with then some of the others. We welcome you back!! Have a great weekend!

Swizzlepop said...

Welcome back! I've never tried SBD but know a few people at work who have and they never seem happy. I must try that salad, everyone raves about it, maybe the next time we take a long drive somewhere and are forced to eat fast food.

Isn't it great having your hubby do WW with you, it makes it so much easier IMO.

Good luck and welcome back again!!

Anonymous said...

MMMMM, Mexican!!! Poo on SBD - I firmly believe that anything restrictive isn't going to work long haul (just my $.02)! **wagging finger in Dizzy's general direction** Do I need to come to Alabama and run with you??? I know, I gets in the way sometimes, but I am having such a great time with CP25K that I want everyone to do it! {{{Hugs}}}