Tuesday, July 10, 2007

lost and found

One week. Seven days. 168 hours. That's how long I've been totally off plan, and it's gotta stop.

I got on the scale this morning and it said 193. This time last week it was saying 187. That's so not good that I don't even really want to think about it. But I HAVE to address this because if I don't it'll just keep spiraling out of control.

I knew I went a little overboard on the 4th, and I knew that I wasn't making the healthiest choices while camping, but I thought that I could reel it back in when we came home. No such luck. We eat at the church every night for VBS and the food is so stinking good that I don't resist. Sunday night was pancake night. Did I skip the "better butter"? (which is real butter mixed with Olive Oil) nope. Did I say, "hey here's some sugar free syrup, let's make a healthier choice?" nope. Even last night, which was Hamburger night, I could have ate a ton of the raw veggies there but did I? no way. I didn't even give up the cake like I had promised I would. In fact, I cut myself a bigger slice of cake than was cut for the kiddos. Fortunately I realized what I had done and only had about five bites, but COME ON! What gives?

I'm beginning to think that it's never going to come naturally to me. I'm always going to have to think about what I'm eating. I believe Colette (pardon me if I'm wrong) blogged recently about a friend of her child's asking "are you ever going to not be on a diet?" and when I read that I thought, "I'm not." There's never going to be a point when I just magically make Skinny Girl choices. It'll be a constant battle, BUT it's worth it.

I was thinking about all this this morning when I weighed myself and I thought, "I'm not going to be able to get back on track as long as VBS is running" then I realized that I need to practice what I preach. I've said countless times to ya'll to just start over RIGHT NOW - not tomorrow or next week because then it might not ever happen. So I'm starting over again. (AGAIN!!!)

I know some of the weight may be because of (TMI ALERT!) the fact that I didn't do "#2" the entire time I was away, and I know that I'm not completely cleaned out (so to speak). I just couldn't go in the woods. I may be Nature Girl now, but I'm not Gorilla Woman. I also know for a fact that I didn't get enough water because I battled an on coming UTI the entire time. So maybe after a few days of system flushing I'll lose some of the found weight. I'm thinking about researching colon cleanses, too. Note the words "thinking" and "researching" - I believe that it could be beneficial (from what I know about it) but I also believe that some stuff is a hoax.

Speaking of hoax, I was trying to figure out yesterday what I can do differently to try to get ramped back up about losing weight. There's a lot of crap and gimmicks out there, but I'm hoping that today I'll find something that will work for me. I know that WW works, but I need something new to be excited about for a little while to boost me and then maybe I'll switch back to flex. (or I might just do Core again for a little while...)

So I'm totally up for suggestions. I WILL do better tonight at VBS and not see that bounty of food as a free for all for Mandy. I WILL drink mucho mucho water today and continue to do so until I feel like a camel. I'm really trying to cut out caffeine and am seriously considering reducing the amounts of aspartame I consume. It's an insane amount, and they say it's not good for you. (It's also not good to be overweight, though, and I'll chose aspartame over flab if it comes down to it)

So that's enough garbadly gook for today. Thanks for hanging in there with me and getting to the end of this blog!!

I hope everyone has a great OP day!


BB said...

Well, I feel for ya! A lot of us have gone off track lately-me included. I'm the same about encouraging others, but when it comes to myself...augh! Plus I find that lately instead of grabbing fruit I'm eating 2 pt brownies, etc. So I wonder why I'm not losing-duh? You are right though. Don't beat yourself up and start again today. There will be up/down days...but in the long haul you will get to your goal weight. We're always here to help you too! Have a great day :)

Amanda said...

Oh, honey I know how you feel! I haven't been perfect this week and lord knows I wasn't on the 4th. But I put my big girl panties on and moved on. Do we need to re-post your blog about how busy you were going to be over the next few weeks?? ;)

It's hard!! I will be the first to say that. And being around good yummy fat laden food every night at VBS doesn't help either!! But you will get through this, you will. You will get back OP and you will lose the weight. Remember the wedding?? Is it still Sept 1? Less than 2 months away!!!

Don't beat yourself up. Pick up and move on. Get back OP, guzzle that water, take a laxative :), and forget about the last week. Maybe give Core a shot again?? That way you can say "No, I can't eat that cake, it's not core." :) We're here for you no matter what!!

Randi said...

Well only because you said you were up for suggestions am I going to make some. Plus I'm super bossy know it all and like to tell others what to do because I think I'm so smart. Ok? I would do some weight training. I know that sounds super scary. But that's basically all I'm doing and if you've read my blog you know it's working for me. You don't need weights either. Just do some squats, lunges and pushups. If you have weights then you can do a million things. And you can do it in front of the tv! It only needs to take about 15-20 minutes. make up a circuit, then do it 3 times. If you do something like that it helps to be a little more forgiving on the food side. But as for those issues, I've been having a Crystal light mixed with benefibre every (almost) morning. you don't even know it's there, just tastes like juice so it's a treat. But it keeps you a little full so snacking isn't an issue. And it gives you water (kinda) and it will help with cholesterol and your other issue. ;)
Again, just suggestions, feel free to tell me to butt out. But don't give up! you can do it!

WeightBGone said...

I hear every word you're saying and feel for you. You are realizing getting back on plan is important so thats the first step of succeeding.

Its sometimes difficult to admit but this HAS to be a lifestyle change for us. I know I say it all the time as many others do but saying it and believing it are two different things. It took forever for me to become a believer and at times I still try to convince myself different. But, the fact remains for the REST of my life I will have to eat healthier.

You CAN do this and I know you will because I can see you adjusting your thinking. Good luck and have a wonderful day. :)

Ro said...

I have been there before and I know how you feel. Just pick up, dust off and get it going again. Dont dwell on what you have been doing wrong.....lets focus on what we need to do right.
You can do it~

We ALL have the ups and downs...its recovering from them that is the important part....

Good luck.....have a great day!

Randi said...

well, I'll put this back here again. I don't know what's easiest either!
Ok, you mean 5 lb in each hand? I think that's a good way to start, especially if you've never done much before. Then once that's too easy, move heavier. The rule of thumb is that you should be too tired to go on after 12 reps. So that's why in some exercises you won't need any weight and in others that will be too light. As for just what to do, I think I listed my routine on my blog a few weeks ago. But if you want something else, I'd grab a magazine. Shape or something always have workouts, but they might specialize in certain body parts, whereas if you're doing it to lose weight you want whole body workouts every 2 or 3 days. Just ask if you want more info!

Calyn said...

We have all been there, done that! LOL Just get back up on the horse... You can do it...Last week was last week... think of it as a learning experience and move on :) We are here for you ((hugs))

Colette said...

Well I have to say that Jan (weightbegone) said it best "the rest of our lives we will have to eat healthier".

Mandy you have done so well, heck I gained 4 pounds like 3weeks agao and I just got them OFF! Nobody said this was going to be easy but the results are DEFINATELY worth it...ask Roni or Steph (where the heck is Barbie) if you dont think so! They have made amazing transformations!! Hang tough girl and get back on that HORSE!! Were all waiting for you!!

Candace said...

Dazey, good luck on coming up with something new and inspiring. If you're interested in weight training (as randi's responses seem to indicate) that sounds cool. I'm gonna check out her blog.

I'm trying to start doing stuff at home. I've decided to start with 5-10 minutes of stretches and ab/leg/arm work outs each morning - how hard could that be. I made 3 mins of stretches and 4 mins of crunches, leg lifts and push-ups this morning. Plus I want to get in at least 5 30minute sessions a week of something else (I'll count house work, towards that, lawn mowing, etc) and have come up with some options that fit my interests. I've posted in my blog my plan, but for some reason it isn't being displayed - gonna try to find out why today. It's summer, there's so much we could be doing to spice up activity in our lives.

On other note: It sounds like you are retaining some water and food items that do need to be flushed. I get so frustrated when I know I'm retaining food just before weigh-in. If interested, a good read is "Fit for Life" - you can find it at Chapters. I used it before children to fit my vegetarian kick that fell apart when I started cravings during pregnancy. After baby I just didn't have energy to cook. There are recipes with meat in the book, too. Anyway, it's more about food combining and a clean system - they call it natural hygein, we clean the outside of our bodies, not the inside. I did this for several months and have gone back to it periodically since. My problem is I'm lazy when it comes to food prep. I like the 5 ingredients or less approach. Sorry to be so long - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

{{{HUGS}}} I was just here a week ago! You can do this, Mandy! You have already accomplished soooo much...let's work together to get back on track! Maybe adding some excercise would boost things for you, plus an endorphine rush can't do anything but help, right????