Monday, July 2, 2007

oh but it was good!

Good Morning All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I sure did.

We were riding around Saturday and noticed that a storm was coming towards us (my hubby is a weather nut) so we went to a nearby lake to watch it cross. Well, since the storm fell apart before it got to us and I really wanted to see some action, we went storm chasin' and got lost! It was great - I love being lost and having an adventure. We eventually found ourselves and headed home. We realized that we had made a huge oval in North Alabama. :o)

Sunday was good, too. After church it poured, and I watched the storm in our sun room while Jeremy napped. We then went to Wal-Mart to buy another tent (the one we'd bought the day before was waaay too small) and ended up buying fishing rods and licenses for our trip. It's going to be so much fun! I'm excited.

Oh! and my MIL brought over some of her garden's veggies on Friday so I ate fresh tomato sandwiches with cucumber chips all weekend. Yumo! The only problem was that I didn't eat enough protein so by Sunday night my sugar was out of whack and I was on the verge of going crazy. (does anyone else do this? I'm hypoglycemic - but does anyone else turn into a monster for food?) I HAD to have a burger, so we went by Burger King and I got a Whopper, Jr. (should have ordered it without mayo, but I didn't!) and I shared some onion rings with hubby. Not exactly nutritious, but it was exactly what I had to have. (I'm sure my upcoming TOM (again!!) didn't help the situation) So I'll just drink extra water today and hope it doesn't undo all my hard work at WI.

But you know, it might hurt tonight, but it's not going to undo all the work that I've done permanently. Over all last week I made really good choices, so I'm not going to beat myself up over a burger that used my WP's right before WI. :o)

Have a grandola granola OP day!!


strawgirl said...

You are so funny! Storm chasing and getting lost! What fun!! Onion rings...yum!! And how did you enjoy that Mexican?? I hope it was good! :) Glad you had a good weekend!

MMalloy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I know exactly what you mean about low sugar levels. Derek is Type I diabetic and me, my body reacts really harshly if I don't get enough protien. Good luck at WI!!!

KimLookAlike said...

I also am the same - when I get hypo, I need food and now or i am a monster!! It sounds like to had fun- I am a weather buff myself (hense the link to the NOAA weather site on my blog!! LOL)

Your friendly weather girl, AJ

Calyn said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting day! And sometimes we need a little meat and grease ;) LOL You are still doing a GREAT job!