Tuesday, May 22, 2007

dang blame scale!

So we worked our booties off all weekend and got Phase #1 of the laundry room revamp done. The yucky shelves were removed, the walls were cleaned, the window was framed out and we Kilzed and painted the mess out that little room. It’s nice and plain now. :o)
So needless to say, as I was slaving away I didn’t journal, although I kept up with what I was eating and made decent choices. That is until I unearthed my scale Sunday night and weighed myself. I don’t even remember what the stupid thing read, I just know that it was enough to discourage me and send me into a downward spiral of eating. I was STARVING, but I could have made much much much better choices. (like not potato chips….) So I figured that this WI would be a bust. My suspicions were “confirmed” Monday morning when I woke up weighing in at 199 ish. That’s nearly four pounds more than last weeks WI! I was uber frustrated about it all day and almost didn’t go to last night’s WI, but I did. (because I’ve already paid for it) And guess what? I lost .6 pounds! Yay!
As soon as I got home I weighed myself again and my scale read four pounds higher. I was wearing the same exact thing and I hadn’t eaten anything, so that could only mean that my scale is wrong.
So I asked Jeremy to hide it.
I’m not weighing myself every morning this week, and we’ll see how it goes. It makes me sick to think that I could have lost more if I hadn’t let the stupid scale get me down in the first place. But I lost, and I’ll take that. ;o) *shrugs*
I’m going to beat 195 this week if it kills me!! I’ve gotta gotta gotta get down to the 180’s. I’m sick of wearing these baggy clothes, and I absolutely refuse to buy new ones while I’m in the 90’s. (simply because I told myself that I wouldn’t)
oh well. It should be warm today and I’ll be able to swim after work. Fun Times!
Having a great OP day!

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