Wednesday, May 16, 2007

workin for the weekend

just realized that in one hour I’ll be halfway through my work week. Does it make you sad that I pay attention to these things? I don’t mind working so much - it’s just the waking up early that gets me. I cannot wait to sleep in on Saturday! I told my hubby this morning that we needed to try to get to bed earlier tonight. I just require more sleep than I used to. (I’m the oldest 24 year old you’ll ever meet…)
So I did pretty well yesterday. I only ate 7 points worth of snacks and I ate yummy healthy meals. Jeremy bought this little grill from the Dollar General and we’ve been enjoying grilling out. Food just tastes so much better when it’s cook over an open flame. He laughs at himself every time he uses it though. It’s really kind of sad itty bitty grill, but it was $10, and if we had bought a real one we would have had to move it in a year. This one we can throw away and not worry over it. Plus, it’s portable so we could take it camping with us. (we’ve been talking about going camping ever since we’ve been married - over 2 years and we haven’t gone yet!)
Jeremy’s time in seminary is going faster than I had counted on. At first I thought it would take forever because I can’t wait to have kids, but now I realize that in less than 18 months I could be looking at being a preacher’s wife, a full time homemaker, a mom to be. It’s kind of mind boggling, so I started changing myself now so it won’t be such a shock. I’m learning how to keep my house clean through the week, how to keep my laundry caught up, and how to keep meals cooked. (yes. I know. It’s just me and Jeremy right now, but believe me I’ve struggled with these things) I now have a house that’s #1 pleasant to come home to and #2 not embarrassing for someone else to see. It’s nice, really.
How does this relate to losing weight? Well, if you buy into that theory that stress causes weight gain (which I do) then a more harmonious home would lead to less stress. I usta feel like there was a dark cloud hanging over my head when I was at home because there were so many things that I should be doing. Now, I can’t use the excuse, “I can exercise until the house is cleaned” because the house is mostly clean all the time. I’m still working on it, but this website was the source of my inspiration :
Sorryto ramble on, but I just had to share. It’s making my life so much easier. I hope you all have lovely Wednesdays!

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