Tuesday, January 15, 2008

week 7

It's official. I feel pregnant. :o)

Up until now I've been pretty lucky. Just a mild sense of nausea and very few mood swings. I was tired, but not dog tired. And then week 7 hits and I really began to feel it. It's still not hard or horrible, but I'm beginning to feel less guilty for not being able to get all of my to-do's done each day. I still have a whole house to organize (it's all unpacked, but it's sorta stashed in it's appropriate room) but I keep telling myself, "Another month and you'll be in the second trimester." The second one is easier, right?

Organization is really big to me right now. I feel like if I can get my house running and on a schedule then it will be easier to keep down the chaos once the twins get here. (there's no need to tell me that this is impossible...) :o)

And I just realized that there's a chance that we have to come up with some new names. We have a boy name (Joel Osburn and we'll call him Oz) and we have a girl name (Robbie Elizabeth and we'll call her Lizzie) but it took us 3 years to figure those out. No kidding. They are both names from our grandparents (or great grandparents) that have already past. And I love them. They're my babies's names. But now I feel pressured to come up with another boy and girl name that's also from grandparents. And I have less than 8 months to do it. :o) See how I like to stress about the things I can handle and just let things that I can't roll off of me? It's how I roll. :o)

Well, I've gotta stop short. The hub is pressuring me to wrap things up here at the library and I still haven't checked in on ya'll. Maybe I can come back soon. I love you and miss you!!

Thanks for all of my sweet comments - they really do give me the warm fuzzies!! :o)


Amanda said...

Don't feel bad about the names. I have less than 16 weeks left (YEAH!) and still ZERO girl names that we both can agree on and LOVE. :)

But I am sure you won't keep us all in the dark and you'll find out the sexes of those precious babes. ;)

Don't fret about the housework. It will get done eventually. The 2nd trimester is supposed to be when you feel more human, but with twins I have no clue! :) I hope for your sake you do!!!

Swizzlepop said...

I still can't believe you're having twins! "when the twins get here" can you believe you're saying that now. WOW, socool. Take it easy, it will all get done :)

Anonymous said...

Don't stress -- it will all happen in it's own time! The 2nd trimester is the bundles of energy one...I felt like a new woman! Keep us posted!


noelle said...

I am so excited for you to be having twins. I do postpartum care with lots of mamas who have twins. It is a TON of work...way different than one baby. But so amazing to watch siblings interact from the beginning.

As far as not getting your to do list done? Welcome to motherhood my dear! It will be that way for the next few years!

You should have some more energy soon. Take advantage now and get all the rest you can, though. Your days of sleeping in are numbered!

WeightBGone said...

That's so exciting to have twins! I had a hard time picking my two kid's names and they were born three years apart I cant even imagine picking names for twins.

I know whatever names you decide on they will be the two luckiest babies around with you for their Mom. Take care of yourself and God bless. :)

Caroline said...

I'm so excited you're having twins! A good friend of mine is going through invitro (boooo) but they're hoping for twins (yay!). And I always find that it makes more sense to worry about things that you have plenty of time to get sorted out, and not stress about what's about to explode in your face :)

Tina said...

Aww, the names will come to you. Heck, I have friends that like to wait until after they've met their little ones (they have 6) to name them. They waited over 2 weeks once!!

Relax hon, it'll all get done. If you're anything like the bff, you'll turn into a neurotic, cleaning organizing freak right before you pop. :))

Hugs and prayers.

Candace said...

Didn't Jeremy get you high-speed yet? Man, I'm dying to hear about all of the cravings and morning/evening illness and maternity clothes and getting uncomfortable. All that FUN stuff I will only experience via stories from now on. Where ARE you.

Colette said...

Just checking on you and the twins. Hope all is well.
Don't stress about the house or names! The house will be there after you get your energy back and as for the names...he knows the names of those 2 precious babies and you will too when he lets you know!!
I can't tell you how excited I am for you. I think its so great and i know you and jermey will be the best parents yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy! Still no high-speed, eh? Well, update as soon as you can...your adoring public misses you!

WeightBGone said...

Just thinking of you and wondering how the Mama is feeling. I hope all is well with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. :)