Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone else's New Year is going as well as mine. The move was very smooth, and we're settling into the parsonage. I absolutely love it. It's so nice and open. The parishioners have been great. There was supper waiting for us when we got here on Tuesday and someone's bringing by more food tonight. Yum-yum! :o)

My FIL is doing much better. His spirits seem to have improved, and, aside from a slight cough, he is healthy. We were told that his heart is still very strong - much stronger than it should be after a heart attack. And then we found out yesterday that the hospital will more than likely cover the costs of everything. That's a huge answer to prayers. I can't even fathom how much money that would be. So, the chances of them getting our old house are much better. We'll still have to wait and see, but at least there's hope!

I also found out yesterday that my SIL is having a boy. His name is Eli Landon and we're expecting him mid-July. They really wanted a boy - and I really wanted them to have a boy, too. That way, if I have a girl, I'd at least have the first girl grandbaby and my parents would be more inclined to drive four hours to see her. (I know - it's silly and childish, but it's the truth.) Cyrena's cyst is half the size that it was a month ago and the doctor told them that it's not a reason for concern anymore. Another answer to prayers! We're on a roll! :o)

Booger and I are doing fine. I just unpacked the scale this morning and it was up way more than I wanted it to be. I haven't weighed myself in close to a month, and I'm not happy at all with the results - somewhere around 10 pounds up! But, it was after eating breakfast so maybe that's a little bit of it. I've just really have to buckle down and start eating healthy foods again. Now that I have a functioning kitchen I should be able to do a modified Core plan and maintain. The hub keeps saying, "You're pregnant! You're supposed to gain weight!" Yeah, but not that much weight.

So, I'm bound and determined to walk around this beautiful church of ours for exercise, limit sweets, and give Booger good stuff to eat. I'm just so stinking hungry - all the time! I never feel full long. I ate two pieces of toast, three slices of bacon, and a glass of skim milk this morning for breakfast, and I'm already watching the clock for lunch. (T-minus 2 hours to go!) I'd love some suggestions. Maybe oatmeal will stick to me better? Our pantry is a little bare, but I have oatmeal. :o)

My first doctor's appointment is a week from today. It's with a group that consists of just two doctors, and I can't pronounce my doctor's name correctly. I don't even know if it's a man or a woman, but I know that I'll be seeing my doctor of choice just as much as I'll be seeing this other doctor, so it's the best that I'm going to get. I can't really complain - at least I finally have a doctor!

My Google Reader wouldn't load on this dinosaur with dial up that I'm using, but I'm going to try again now. I miss you all and I hope that you're having lovely OP days!!


MMalloy said...

I am so glad to hear the report! I was thinking about you and the move! I don't know too much about being pregnant except what my sister went through. I know she found it much better to eat 5-6 mini meals a day, it kept her satisfied longer. Oatmeal might be a bit more filling then toast, or maybe even a light omelette?!?

Randi said...

Holy crapola! I noticed on Reader that you had about 8 posts I hadn't read and I just thought, oh good, she's back! thinking I'll read them when I get around to it. Then I start reading them (in reverse order of course) and discover you're pregnant! Holy crapola! congratulations! That's so exciting!
Oh, also sorry about your FIL. Hope everything continues to improve.

tallmama said...

Glad to hear your getting settled already and things are going well! Enjoy those free meals, yum! It always tastes better if you didn't have to make it!

Amanda said...

My suggestion on the eating front is to eat every 2-3 hours. And drink plenty of fluids! I just spent the afternoon in the hospital b/c of dehydration (I'll post that on my blog later) so get in those fluids!!!

I'm so glad the move went well. Sounds like you found the perfect church and the perfect place to start your family! Congratulations!!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey! Glad to hear things are going well around your house! It sounds like you've got great intentions for yourself on booger... (I love that you named your baby booger)

Caroline said...

Hope the pregnant lady is still doing well and singing loudly!