Wednesday, September 19, 2007

note to self

Dear Mandy,

What's the deal, girl? You have a million different excuses for not getting back OP, and, quite frankly I'm sick of them. No matter who or what you may want to blame it on, it's really just you. You're in control of your life and you're choosing not to do what you know you need to do. Get back in the game! You've come waay too far to stop now. Besides, if you lose 25 more pounds you'll be smack dab in the 160's. How awesome will that feel?

You've agreed to join Randi's Christmas Challenge, and you're not going to waif out on this one. (Do I need to remind you of the CP25K debacle? No? I didn't think so.) You've gotta somehow conquer this addiction to food, home girl. And you really need to move more. No wonder you're feeling flabby. *rolls eyes* Use the good sense that God has given you! Sheesh!

You need to love yourself more than the way that you've been treating yourself. You're not a human garbage disposal, and there's much more to life than food! Don't forget that it's much easier for healthy weight women to conceive than it is for over weight woman.

You know what works, so why aren't you doing it? Oh, again with the excuses, eh? Well, no more of those. I don't care if it's a month before you manage to go grocery shopping - you're still going to stay OP. And really, last night? You so could have gone. You just didn't want to because of that whole Barnhill's Buffet thing. (Oh, you didn't want me to tell everyone? Ooops, I'm sorry!) So get your act together!

Now, real quick before they all start to think you're totally schizophrenic - I love you. I only say this because I know it's the best thing for you. I hope I wasn't too hard on you, but I'm really excited to see the scale move in the right direction. Because I know you're gonna get over this hump, stop kicking your own ass, and start kicking ass for real, like right now.



Amanda said...

Okay, I love the way you wrote to yourself!

NOW....get you asz back OP girl! Get thee rear in gear and get to the store. I didn't want to go to the store last night, but I did. I was tired and had DS with me and I didn't want to go, but I HAD to. So if *I* can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Now this Christmas challenge....can you do it??!? YES YOU CAN!!!! Get off your butt and get on it!

How's that for a kick in the pants? I know you didn't ask for one, but I am giving you one anyway. :)

dizzydazey said...

Thanks Amanda! There's nothing like a pregnant woman making you look bad to really make you put on your big girl panties!!

I love you for it! :o)

Dancingqueen629 said...

I love you so much!!

MMalloy said...

This is great. I love writing notes to myself!!

You are totally ready to kick some ass, SO DO IT!!! You know we are all here, waiting to hear that you are meeting those goals, so let's hear it!!!

Get this challenge going and rock it. You have all the reason why you should, give one good one why you shouldn't!!!

Okay, enough virtual lecture!! Time to kick butt!

Candace said...

SO - You ready to ROCK!!! C'mon - the 160's are calling your name.

I'm in for 17(+-) in 14 weeks (yikes). On a good note, you'll have the benefit of seeing how we Canadians managed to make it through Thanksgiving before you even need to think about it. It's those damn mini-chocolate bars at Halloween and the lunch room chocolate at Christmas that'll be hard. I think I consumed 10lbs of truffles alone last December...ANYHOO, Randi will kick my azz if I do that this year, so, let's go.

Randi said...

dear Mandy,
If you don't start kicking ass I'm going to start kicking yours!
luv randi

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

I was in the same boat you are about two weeks ago....back from vacay with a 5 pound gain. Get back on the wagon girl! It's a great feeling not to count points or worry about what you are putting in the piehole---but enough's enough---vacay is over!!!