Tuesday, September 18, 2007

about 75% angel

I behaved myself much better yesterday. I wasn't a perfect angel, and I accidentally drank some sweet tea at my Gran's house (seriously, I didn't think anything about it until it was too late) but it was definitely an improvement from the food free for all that was the last two weeks. The scale was down a little bitty bit this morning so that was nice. Maybe a lot of this is water weight. All I know is that I'm all ramped up to get started for real. I haven't felt pumped up about WW in a while, so I guess I made the right decision to take a break. I guess I needed it - but I proally went a little too far. :o)

I didn't make it to the grocery store yesterday but I'm bound and determined to go today. Everyone else is at a seminar out of town today so I'll have plenty of time today at work to find all of my favorite Core recipes and maybe a few new ones. I'm really bad about not cooking, but Core really makes me get my life more organized. (Because apparently my life still is centered around food...) It's really how I want my family to eat so maybe since starting a family is actually becoming feasible then I'll be more dedicated.

All I know is that I've had baby fever forever now and it's crazy to think that we could be trying soon. (This is all wrapped up in that big secret that I can't share yet...) I know that you're not supposed to do WW while pregnant, but I think that Core would be a good guideline to help me not gain too much. I'm hypoglycemic, and the women in my family have a history of gestational diabetes. That, coupled with the fact that I was over nine pounds and Jeremy was nearly 10, makes me hyper aware of keeping everything in check. :o)

Okay, sorry. Enough about talking about stuff that's not even happening yet. :o) I'm just soo excited. :o)

Alright. That's enough for me. I wanna hear what's up with ya'll now.

I hope everyone has a great OP day!!


Amanda said...

I completely understand the baby fever! I had it for months before we started trying...wait make that probably a year. With DS, DH had it first. I with you could hurry up and share this secret b/c you have got me on pins and needles here! :)

Core is a great plan and great if you are pregnant too. As long as fruit doesn't make you nauseated. :) That's where I am now, although it is getting better. I managed to eat a piece of pineapple the other day and not feel like I was going to puke. Baby steps... :)

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and you have a plan today too...that's awesome! You are rockin it!

Candace said...

Getting to the grocery is on the top of my to-do list too. Hurry up and spill the beans already, will ya.

Anonymous said...

OK - the suspense is killing me --- hurry upo with the news, will ya?? ;)

BTW, Core is very very similar to the gestational diabetes diet, so it should be perfectly fine to do while pregnant!


MMalloy said...

You are going to do well on Core, it is awesome you are excited about it again, that definetly helps!!!
Baby fever, never thought I would have it. My niece is a year old and my sister wants to have their second (and last) in 2009. Since I am so close to my sister I really have given more thought to the fact that if I don't jump on the baby band wagon, our kids will not grow up together (same schools, likes, dislikes, etc...). I'm not ready yet, but I will admitt finally that I want kids.
I hope you are blessed with children, and soon if you are ready! fertility and pregnancy down right scare me! I will keep you in my prayers though!
Webcast? That is an awesome idea!! I will figure something out, maybe I can post pictures between the ceremony and the reception :)
I haven't decided on colors officially, but becuase I want a winter snowflake theme, I was thinking winter white and black. I'm open for suggestions and criticism!!!

Randi said...

I super love suprises but COME ON! SHARE!
YAY for being back! Yay for mostly good and less bad. But I'm asking you to kick it up to 90% angel alright? Not too much to ask is it? I'll let you know details of the Christmas Challenge soon. So excited you're in!

Calyn said...

Sounds like you are getting back on track. And I am with everyone else...spill already!!! ;)

WeightBGone said...

I just noticed you had returned from vacation and wanted to say welcome back!! You were missed around here and its nice to have you home again.

Vacation can raise havoc with the weight loss I know because I am there now. I know you will get back on course and win in the end. :)

Kate from AZ said...

Hey girl! I've missed ya!
I bet you've got water weight going on, you'll lose it in no time! What's up with this secret? Can you email me? LOL.

Hang in there! :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You and your SECRETS!!! :)