Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm so dizzy my head is spinnin'...

We bought a new chair this weekend, and so we decided to turn our inside/outside cat into a mainly outside cat. But the cat is such a creature of habit that he doesn't understand that he doesn't come in every morning to eat. I put his food outside the door where he can eat with the other kitty. Well, this morning I was trying to get out the door, and the cat was trying to get in, and I did this quick spin to block him while scooting out and now I'm incredibly dizzy. Hee. DizzyDazey is dizzy. Go Figure. :o)

That's totally unrelated to anything, I'm sure. But it's really my main focus this morning, as you might imagine.

I haven't focused on the weight loss in my blogs lately, so I suppose I should update you. I'm currently at 185.6 - which is about 5 pounds down from coming back from vacay but almost 2 pounds up from before the wedding. I'm ready to get out of the 180's, but I keep sabotaging myself, so I guess when I really get serious and stop playing around with it I'll see the 170's. In the meantime I'm not freaking out over it. Especially not this week. I'm just trying to make healthy choices and go on with life.

I'm doing a pretty good job about loving myself. It's been a little difficult this week because my tum has seemed bigger (remember the girdle?) but I'm just gonna chalk that up to TOM. My pants feel a little tighter, but the scale's basically the same so I guess it could be in my head. Meanwhile it's totally taken the focus off of my batwings. *rolls eyes* I'm such a silly thing. I have, however, made an effort to look cute the past few days and I think that's made a big improvement in my self esteem. It gets really old dressing up everyday since I only see two people and they're like family. On the rare occasion that we have a face to face with a client they see me for about 5 seconds. All this gives me little incentive to do much more than the bare minimum in the mornings (totally not a morning person) but I have been lately just for me.

I'm walking with Mom tonight and then we're packing for our trip. The hub is going to clean the house while I'm out so hopefully I'll come home to a nice clean house. (He's cleaning by himself because I wanted to do it last night, and had only asked him to handle the kitchen, but he said if we could watch Robo-Cop then he'd do it this afternoon. Deal!) :o)

We're going to Auburn on Friday and then Atlanta for a class on Saturday. Say a little prayer for us because this meeting is sorta a big deal.

So I'll be MIA until Monday, but I hope that you all have wonderful weekends!!
*smooches!* :o)

UPDATE!: Eeek! Jeremy just called and a said that he's decided we're heading down to Auburn tonight! I'm super excited about it, but come one! He's knows I'm a planner & I definitely didn't plan on this!! :o)


MMalloy said...

Good luck this weekend, you are always in my thoughts!! You will do great though!
I am glad to hear you are loving yourself, sometimes that is more important then stressing about the number on the scale.
Have fun and rock this weekend!!!!

Candace said...

Happy weekend and good luck at the meeting.

Calyn said...

Glad you are doing well loving yourself, it is so important!Kudos for not being crazy about weight/food!! And good luck this weekend...looking forward to hearing how it goes! :)

Randi said...

Are you trying to drop secret hints and see if we catch on or am I just thinking baby lately? (dizzy, bigger belly, keep cat outside, sorta adds up) Sorry I hate that I said that. You know how I hate when people think I might be pregnant now I'm doign it to you! eek!
have a nice trip and eat well! This christmas challenge is on whether you like it or not!

dizzydazey said...

I'm not dropping hints, but after I posted I thought, "Amanda's gonna think I'm trying to steal her thunder!" :o)

Don't worry, Randi. I don't hate you for it. But just so you know, if by some miracle I do get knocked up before Christmas count me out of the Challenge! ;o)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I'm glad you're feeling good these days... because scale or no scale, how we feel about ourselves is all that really matters, right?

Amanda said...

I think it's great you are concentrating on loving yourself. It makes it so much better to look in the mirror and appreciate what you see. IMO, that's a HUGE step and bigger than any weight loss. Keep it up!!!

I was kinda wondering what Randi said. I don't care if you steal my thunder...steal away! I would be SO THRILLED for you!!! :)

I really can't wait to hear about the weekend. You've never really told us everything and I am dying to know! :) Have fun!! You will totally rock, I just know it!

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous weekend! See you when you get back!

Kate from AZ said...

Hope you are having a great weekend! Glad that vacay weight is dropping off, you'll get to the 179' dont have far to go at all.