Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hormone Monster

Well, it's that special time of month again. I haven't started TOM yet, but the PMS was in full force last night. I'm not quite sure what was up with me last night, or what triggered it exactly, but I ended up crying like a crazed marmoset last night. I was pretty good about not making untrue accusations, (like, "You think I'm ugly!" or, my personal favorite, "You left the toilet seat up because you think that my butt's too big for me to fall in! Well, I've got news for you mister - it's not and now my butts all wet!") but I did a fair bit of crying. (At one point just saying, "I just need to cry right now and I don't feel like making up a reason to justify it") Fortunately I didn't pick a fight with my long suffering husband, and he seems to deal with it much better if I don't try to make my emotional outbreaks his fault. I honestly have no idea that I'm being a hormone monster until it suddenly dawns on me, and then I feel really bad and cry about that for a little while. Then I'll get distracted by something and it's all better. I wish I wasn't like this, but I guess it's just me. At least I know that it's TOM and I'm not manic/depressive or something. (although I sorta wondered about it for a while until Jeremy pointed out that it was PMS)

I've tried switching to Yaz, but that just lead to crazy TOM's, making me think that I could be pregnant, which just lead to crazy crying jags more often. *rolls eyes* I'm sure PMS Mandy without birth control is going to be lots of fun. But it's one night every few months. I don't suppose it's the worse thing ever, and you know, it's not forever. There's always menopause. (j/k!)

My husband's really great about it. And I'm getting better about accepting the fact that it's just hormones and there's no need to torture him any more than he deserves it. (And I really want to, and he rarely deserves it)

It's kind of funny today, but it sure wasn't last night. Let's just hope my emotions hold up until Friday, because I really don't think that I'll make a good impression at our meeting if I'm saying, "You think I'm fat, don't you?" to complete strangers.

But on the up side I dont' have any cramps yet. Yay! :o)

I know it's unfair to complain to a group of woman about this sort of thing, but I figure that there's an off chance that one of you are a hormone monster during your special time of the month and you think that you're a possible manic/depressive, too. Now, after hearing my sordid tale you'll feel much better about yourself because you're not alone in the world. Maybe we need some sort of support group. Or maybe they should just start putting valium in those little "placebo" pills provided for the last week. I'd actually take them then!

Take care and have a wonderful OP day!


Ro said...

I feel the same way about "quick fixes" this works...

Hope you hava a better day than last night. I am a lucky one I have never had any PMS problems PMS....or should I say my friends are the lucky ones

Randi said...

"Or maybe they should just start putting valium in those little "placebo" pills provided for the last week." Wow, I think that's a million dollar idea right there! Seriously! you should patent that and talk to some drug companies. Bet it's on the market by next year.
I believe PMS is what caused my fight with hubby last week. The issues are real but I only bring them out when I'm ready for a fight. Plus every little thing irritates me during TOM. Last night I couldn't sleep and I was mad at everyone else for it. Irrational. yeah. fun being a woman.

Candace said...

Well, enjoy the Mandi without birth control for a while. Once you are 'knocked up' Mandi it won't matter - you'll be a permanently messed up hormonal case, LOL.

Then, after bambino#1 and while you're waiting to try for bambino#2, I highly recommend
Write it down and mention it to your doctor as part of some birth-control research for 'after'.

Anonymous said...

UGGHH! I am completely a hormone monster the 2 days before TOM arrives, but mine looks more like depression! I'm too fat, ugly, etc to Then TOM arrives and I'm right as rain. My DH long ago realized that I am just LOONEY TUNES, so he just observes from a safe distance! LOL


BTW - when I was preg with DD, I wasn't crazy hormone woman at all - I was actually on a much more even keel maybe the same will be true for you!

MMalloy said...

I think there are plenty of us that become a bit of a monster during this time. I wish we could control them!
Valium instead of placebos is an awesome idea and I would totally support that idea.
Funny you said that about the pump, we are actually going to look at it as a possibility. He has always been interested in it, his biggest worry is getting in the way of physical activity. Thank you so much for your support, I am a bigger mess then I am letting on guys are holding me in check though!! (((HUGS)))

Amanda said...

LOVE the valium in the placebo's idea. That is pure GENIUS!!!

If you aren't a hormonal mess when you are pregnant (I am not and was not with DS either), wait until after delivery. Heck, the dog could look at me funny and cause me to start crying. DH would walk into the room and I would be bawling and he had no clue why. When DS rolled over for the first time...oh my. Just only gets better!

And if you want to talk about menopause, my step mom (CeeCee) is going through that right now. AT this point, I will take a day or 2 a month of PMS, rather than the endless nights she is in right now of hot flash, cold flash, sleep, can't sleep, hot, cold, memory. What memory?!? Yeah, it sure doesn't sound fun!

Gotta love being a woman...and getting older! :)

Steph said...

I feel your pain. I have spent the last week of my life alternating between being inconsollable and a raving lunatic. Gotta love being hormonal and bloated!

Thanks for reminding us that we aren't alone!

Melanie said...

OH girl I was there with you last night! Tears for no reason...and you know what it felt darn good just to cry because I wanted to. Of course in the middle of it I was ticked that I was crying...but afterwards I was okay with it!! Go figure!!

I'm sure my hubby thought I was possessed or something last night!!

Swizzlepop said...

LMAO only because my poor husband gets the brunt of my mood swings too and never quite knows what to do. I don't really have PMS on a regular basis, at least I don't think I do so I never pay attention to what week it is until TOM arrives, then if I realize it was a few rough days before I apologize and the husband just looks at me like I'm a loon and says "I wish you would just tell me sooner, this way I know that it's not really you." Poor guys. It really makes me feel bad for my dad since there are 3 girls and my mom, poor guy had 4 women in the house and he's still alive LOL.

They should make a valium for women and something for men too so that they know it's really not them, it IS us (most of the time at least during PMS/TOM).
Glad you got your cry and feel better today. :)