Thursday, October 4, 2007

inspiration from an unlikely source

I'm totally kickin Dr. Atkin's booty. I'm limiting the fats & still doing Atkins straight up. And the scale is showing it already. I was 184 exactly this morning - so that's already a pound lost from last week. Official Christmas Challenge WI is tomorrow so I'm excited to be able to post a loss. :o)

I just finished reading a book called A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Have any of ya'll read this yet? It's one of Oprah's books, but I bought it because I found it really cheap at a warehouse store. (Although Oprah seems to have pretty good taste in books...)

It's about a guy going through rehab and the people he meets there. I won't ruin it for you, but it really make me think. I mean, if there's people out there trying to kick drug addiction the least I can do it kick the carbs, right? I may have had a slight headache the past few days, but these people go through some serious DT's. And if a crack addict is strong enough to come off of it, then surely I am too. It just sorta puts things in perspective, you know?

But before you run out and buy this book, I must add my disclaimer. The language used is filthy. Horribly filthy, so much so that I sorta became immuned to the f-word. And I really don't like that word. But I personally think it's worth skipping over words to get the meat of it. But it's offensive. (But not racist or degrading to women. Although the protagonist is an atheist there's an overall support in the belief of God...) I would love to take a lit class on this book.

Okay. Now I'm showing you how nerdy I really am. But just think about that, ladies. Really think about what some people have to endure. And in most cases, they're in the place that they're in for the same reasons we are where we are - We decided to abuse a substance. I abused food. They're abusing hard drugs. We're the fortunate ones by far.

I know this line of thinking has made me feel much stronger against temptations. I hope maybe it does a little something for you, too.

Have Wonderful OP Days!!


Anonymous said...

Wow - well put. I may have to check that one out...keep up the good work!

BB said...

You do know the whole uproar about James Frey acting like it was what happened to him, when in fact he made up a lot of it. I've heard it's a good book though.

MMalloy said...

I'm just finishing a book for book club, I might need to pick this up for inbetween, sounds like my kind of book (minus the language).
You will kick those carbs, congrats on the "unofficial" loss. I will check in to see the official tomorrow!

Melanie said...

I was going to let ya know the author wasn't completely truthful in the book either, but bb already did. I remember it was a huge thing and Oprah even apologized for putting in as one of her book club books.

Adora said...

Yeah, Oprah was pretty pissed about him 'exaggerating' the truth in that book. That was quite a tense interview!

Way to go on the loss this week! I'm not a huge Atkins fan - it's just not practical for me - but I know it's worked for alot of people. Good luck on the challenge. And thanks for the comment on my playlist. I take them seriously! :)

WeightBGone said...

Good luck on Atkins it sounds like things are definitely working for you in the weight loss.

I've heard that book was good but there has been a lot of controversy over the truthfulness in the book.

I did watch Oprah when she had James Frey on there and it was a VERY tense show. Oprah was NOT happy that he lied throughout the book.