Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love Wednesdays!

I really do love 'em. I really don't know why, I just do. So yay for Wednesday! :o)

Remember a little while back when I said that I was afraid of Mandy with out birth control? Well, she hasn't been that bad. Despite the extra stress of this week and several funerals to attend I've managed to only cry once. And that was after a sad movie. (Had I realized that it was sad I wouldn't have watched it...) And I haven't been mean to my hub, either. I called after work last night to warn him that I was feeling extra stressed and maybe a little irrational, but I didn't even have to control myself. I wasn't feeling like a hormone monster at all. So yay!

That just goes to show you that God really does answer prayers, 'cause I'm sure my sweet hubby has been doing some major praying this week! :o)

And I expected a big headache, too, because a few days off the hormones always gave me a splitting eye headache. But I'm on day six with no drugs and no headache. I'm beginning to think that I'm actually going to like not having these extra hormones I was so dependent upon. And maybe I'll lose a few extra pounds, too. Mom always said that BC made you gain weight.... (but I honestly always thought that she said that to prevent me from taking it BEFORE marriage!) lol.

Okay, sorry I'm rambling on about this. It's just fascinating to me. :o)

I got some new clothes in last night from I've been cruising the clearance racks from all my favorite online stores and I've managed to find a few things pretty cheap. And shipping isn't bad either. I'm wearing one of my new outfits today and the whole thing cost less than $20. I've never shopped for clothes online and actually bought anything before, but I could really get the hang of this. Since I'm such a regular size it's hard to find cute stuff on the clearance racks (I mean, really, how many woman wear large tops and 14/16 bottoms? A ton!) and this way I can find the cute stuff and just return them at the store if it doesn't fit. I found some great Dockers khaki's for the hub from Sears, too. They were only $24.99 a piece and I got free shipping. I think he's scared that I've found a way to bargain shop while at work. But how cool is it that I'm getting paid to shop? I love it! :o)

I hope you all have wonderful Wednesdays!!


Amanda said...

So glad you are not suffering any side effects from getting off the BC. I never have either so it's very nice!! Just wait until the hormones start up when you get pg. Now that's fun!!! :)

Wednesdays are hump day...after today there are only 2 more work days in the week--WOO HOO!!!! That's what makes them great!

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well for you! I love online shopping -- so much better than in the store!


MMalloy said...

It is good to hear things are going smooth for you, I have always wondered what sort of withdrawl a body would go through with BC.
Anyways, YAY for Wednesdays! I took your lead and did some online shopping for myself...getting paid to shop...this is great!!

WeightBGone said...

Glad things are going so well for you and no ill affects off the BC.

I LOVE online shopping in fact I do most of my Christmas shopping online.

Have a great week. :)

Melanie said...

I am thrilled that there are only two more days in this week!! uggggg

I'm not a big online shopper...always afraid that it wouldn't fit. I might have to revist the idea though!!

Kate from AZ said...

I always thought my hormones were worse on BC, and I do agree that they can make ya gain weight. I haven't been on them since 1997! I was a raving b**** on them! LOL

You crack me up girl :)

Colette said...

Hey girly...glad to hear your doing good weening yourself off the BC. I was on them for 15 years before we decided to start a family and OH MY LORD.....I never knew what a real period was until I got off them! I LOVED my pills due to have a 3 day TOM!!
No matter what its all worth it...children are a gift from God no matter what!
I LOVE shopping online and actually bought some "naughty stuff" today! I bought a hot "french maid outfit" and its great shopping online because you don't have to stand in some store where some young kid is looking at what your buying and saying..."Did you find everything you was looking for today?" as he hold up your CROTCHLESS PANTIES!!!! LMAO.....ok just kidding! I'd NEVER buy those... and if I did I wouldn't tell ya! ;-)
Colette loves Wednesdays too!

lilcatmama said...

I love shopping online as well, but i never buy clothes, I always buy stupid things I don't need, don't have the money for, and never use....I did buy an ab lounge the other day from wonder if I'll use....

Have a great Thursday too!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hmmm... that's so funny because personally, I do better WITHOUT birth control... just goes to show how different all of our bodies are...

YAY for online bargain shopping! I love it too... and here's a tip for shoes:

They actually take $5 OFF of your order for overnight shipping... I lOVE TO browse their clearance area! A pair of shoes that is listed for $20 will arrive at your door the very next day for $25. FABULOUS!