Thursday, April 26, 2007

healthy healthy hippo

Exercise. In some countries that’s considered a dirty word. I must be from one of those countries. I just can’t seem to get & stay motivated to do it. I think I lost gumption when we got my pool then it got too cold to use it. (are ya’ll tired of me talking about this blame pool, yet?) ;o)
My hubby has been going into work an hour earlier lately. (not by choice, of course. New working hours) So I’ve been waking up an hour earlier with him. Well. We wake up an hour earlier and then snooze for about 30 minutes. But anyways, I keep thinking that I’ll get up and work out before it’s time for me to get ready for work. This is the third day in a row that I didn’t. Maybe once I get used to losing an hour’s worth of sleep I’ll be able to do it. Ah. To be one of you people who like to exercise. I like to play in the pool… (stupid weather!)
So the exercise front isn’t going so well. My leader said that by the time you hit lifetime WW wants you to be getting like 4 AP’s a day. She looked me right in the eye and we both snickered. She knows my of the bad terms I am on with my elliptical. (apparently it doesn’t like to be used as a drying rack alone) But I mean, really, if I want to stay skinny (once I get there) and still eat more than 20 points a day I guess I will need to exercise. Why am I so lazy?
Meanwhile, I did pretty well yesterday with trying to eat bigger meals and fewer snacks. I think I only used 7 points for munchies. It’s not quite where I want to be, but I’m getting there.
So here’s the journal. Feel free to critique. I’m only posting this thing for accountability, not for the “eat what I eat because I’m a healthy healthy hippo” factor.
applesauce & peaches
WW Key Lime Yogurt
milk w/ coffee
Lemon Pepper Chicken
turnip greens
potato salad
baked beans
HC French Bread Pizza
whole wheat pita chips
granola bar
2 Kashi Waffles

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